1. Did you know that secrets feel physically burdensome? Feel better and share
    your secrets! Laci explains the health hazard of keeping your secrets
    locked up: http://dne.ws/1cjqN0M

  2. Ok I have to confess something…I shower naked !

  3. I masturbate! Pyh, huge relief. xD

  4. Yay secrets!
    At one point in time i tasted human flesh and actually wanted to eat

    But I got over it… Mostly. hehe


  6. Foxtrotuniformcharliekilo

    my secret? is i hate telling people anything about myself. so nope, not
    doing it, feels good to not tell you. im a scorpio, so its just not
    happening. i actually feel worse telling people anything about myself.

  7. I don’t like sharing secrets. … PHEW!! Glad I got that off my chest!

  8. I know something big that I haven’t ever told anyone… And that thing is,
    that I don’t have a single secret of any kind (=

  9. TheSupermonkey123456

    My anus tickles when I touch it… Seriously try it XD Jk idk tho

  10. My dad and also young girls make me feel sexually uncomfortable and it is
    horrible. People have told me that my dad was inappropriate with me when I
    was younger but I don’t want to believe it.

  11. i find this video hard to masturbate to

  12. I only go outside for school because a lot of the people around me are
    ignorant and have no respect for education or the technology they use. I
    think about killing them sometimes though I do have friends I probily a
    misanthrope but I can sleep easy at night knowing they will most likely end
    up working in kfc if a computer hasn’t taken that job by then .

  13. I am not really blind, but all my friends think I am because I use a White

  14. No homo, but gay furry porn makes me more happy than anything. Also telling
    people your secrets is not really relieving unless it’s the people you care
    to keep the secrets from. So yeah, this comment does nothing for me.

  15. my secret is im gay 

  16. i love annie

  17. Ah… Wouldn’t the ability to keep a secret indicate a HIGHER level of
    self-control? About keeping secrets – I suppose it depends on what the
    secret is? Whether it’s a secret one feels guilty about – or whether it’s
    an important secret that pertains to security issues…

  18. I have the corpses of 13 women buried under the shed I built two years ago.
    Oh, also, I killed each of them.

  19. my secret i really want to do a guy while hes wearing a girl’s school

  20. I have kissed both men and women but even and i enjoy doing so even though
    i dont consider myself as “bi” ,someone told me once that i was still so
    young to be worrying about my sexual orientation and stuff… but hey thats
    not a secret whatsoever i just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys

  21. well,
    Here goes.

    I don’t know how to reply to people on youtube with this new comment
    system :*(

  22. I secrety wath gay porn


  23. My secret is that I have none, an I usually tell them to someone close. Is
    it a secret when it involve two ppl….some one else knows! Duh

  24. I’m the Flash… not feeling any relief.

  25. I’ve watched lesbian porn, and I think it made me bi. But I’m not sure. and
    I’m only 15 but I’ve shared naked pictures of myself online (all of them
    are deleted forever, thank God.)

    My mom always tells me how I’m the perfect child and I hate it because like
    no one knows about this and I know she’d kill me if she found out.

    Also when I’m old enough I want to go to a rehab center and live there for
    a while and just get help…I have a bit of an eating disorder and
    depression and all sorts of other crap. Ever since I started watching porn,
    it just ruined everything.

    Last thing, I promise. I have a step dad but he and my mom fight all the
    time. It made me realize I have daddy issues, and I sometimes imagine my
    favorite singer, who is 20 years older than me, as my dad. Only my friend
    knows about it…He just seems like such a better dad than mine at the
    moment. .-.

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