Keeping Motivated When Trying To Lose Weight: The Basics


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Trying to lose weight, realizing it is not working as quickly as you think and then giving up is something that thousands do every year.

Rather than sticking to a program to lose weight they give up after a few weeks or a month. A lot of people expect it to be a very quick process; a couple of weeks exercising and eating a healthy diet doesn’t equate to a lot of lost weight and you should really look at it as more of an organic process, one that evolves over time.

You may lose a few pounds in the first month however by keeping to your regime you will lose a lot more by the 5th month.

A major problem that most people have when it comes to weight loss is motivation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have no motivation when it comes to deciding to lose weight as the need to be healthier and have a slimmer figure is great but it is a lack of motivation when it comes to performing the acts needed to lose weight.

Let’s use an example: you come home from work on a dreary Tuesday night and you are faced with the prospect of going to the gym. Because you have other commitments you can only get to the gym on a Tuesday and a Friday but because you need to go yourself so you have no real desire to head back out again. This is a common problem but you can easily rectify it and find your motivation to keep going. It is a great idea to get a friend to go with you because two people working together for the same goal is a great motivator or you can join a class.

Exercise classes a popular and there are ones that are specially tailored for losing weight. It acts almost as an informal support group; you exercise together in a small class and also lend each other help and advice for extra performance and results.

Another piece of advice with losing weight is to keep realistic goals. So many people think they can lose all their excess weight in a month or 6 weeks and then give up when it has not worked out that way. Instead you should set yourself realistic monthly goals for example 10 pounds in 2 months is very doable; start off small and work from there because when you hit these smaller targets you will be motivated to keep going and reach your ultimate goal.

The key to losing weight is motivation however motivation is one of the most difficult things to obtain in the process. It is a delicate state of mind that the slightest thing can damage and prevent you from achieving significant weight reduction results. Following some of the advice in this article will allow you to achieve those goals that you have set yourself and should result in a much healthier and slimmer figure over the course of the year.

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