2. This video was so cute and funny! Haha

  3. I’m new to this channel but I recognize Leon from the Lean Machines, I love
    the exercises Carly and he did together, cute! 

  4. Omg I love it!! More please !! 

  5. This was hilarious to watch! I bet you guys had a lot of fun filming it

  6. My friend and I watched this together and we’re definitely going to try
    some of these out! These look fantastic!

  7. This looked like so much fun!! Too bad I’d have to pay my friends a small
    fortune to do any form of physical activity hahaa lazy butts. 

  8. looked so fun! think i might have to try it out:)

  9. Haha Leon looks like he had fun! 🙂 GReat idea! :)

  10. ah Loved this!!! 

  11. That looked like so much fun!

  12. Your videos just keep getting better and better. I miss you, and I can’t
    tell you how great seeing these each week makes me! :)) xxx

  13. I loved watching this x

  14. These look so fun! Love this video:) Xxx

  15. Haha, I love it!!

  16. Aww this is soo cool, we were doing this kind of workouts on our handball
    practice. 🙂 We were also carry each other on our back and had to do squats
    and running and stuff 🙂 miss that :)

  17. Hi Carly. Just wondering if you could do a video on detoxing. I want to do
    a simple and cheap detox at home as I feel like my body needs to get rid of
    all the toxins. Could you recommend anything? Thanks :)

  18. Such a creative idea ! Love this! Looks like so much fun ! Makes me want to
    try them with a partner ! Xx

  19. Amazing! X

  20. Ooh and whats the song? Like it!

  21. Incredible! 

  22. This is so cute 

  23. Carlyy!! That was sooo incredibly cute!(: 

  24. Can’t wait to try this out, looks so fun

  25. Love your videos Carly, you make exercise not so boring and more fun to do
    and still get the results. Brilliant. Keep them up. Much love x

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