1. I’m watching this video with my hamburger LOL

  2. I had a bowl of fruit and some avocado 😀 also thinking of salmon with
    lemon lol 😀 but I ruined it with cheesecake D: 

  3. FinnFairy16 you work out whatever body parts you can manage to move and eat
    your bmr 

  4. im kind of crying cause i was in korea and im not there anymore :'( and
    hearing someone korean is just too much for me D:

  5. its very annoying when you put your face so close to the camera.

  6. I had a pineapple and banana smoothie with some mixed berries for
    breakfast. Thanks for posting this video since thanks to you, I’m now on
    the road to being healthy lol ^_^

  7. A sunshine bakery beef patty, a turkey burger, and oatmeal . :)

  8. I’m currently eating a chicken noodle soup I made. 

  9. They laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with Xvelte
    Slimming Formula, but then they saw the results. Go google Xvelte Slimming
    Formula to see their reaction.

  10. Small bowl of yogurt. Then a Samgak Kimbap sandwich. For lunch veggies and
    two meatballs. Dinner was two pita breads with veggies and beef.

  11. lakenvelder0pandora

    GAH your diet sounds SO good but so enjoyable too! I’m trying the sweet
    potatoes especially!

  12. Ive only ate mashed potatoes

  13. I eat nothing cause I need to be skinny :(

  14. Why is the “danish diet” danish? I’m danish and I don’t see it :(

  15. Breakfast
    Slim Fast 3 2 1 Plan – Chocolate Royale
    Fat Free Milk
    Tea – Uncle Lee’s Tea – 100% Organic Green Tea
    Slim Fast – Chocolate Royale
    Activia – Yogurt – Peach
    Fat Free Milk
    Tea – Uncle Lee’s Tea – 100% Organic Green Tea
    Home Made – Vegetable Chili
    Yogi Tea – Ginger Tea

    Sour Cream and Onion Chips,(15 chips)
    Special K Original
    Fat Free Milk


  16. …i had
    …i am ashamed T.T

  17. To ordinary people who want to burn fat–but can’t get started. Copy and
    paste into google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

  18. If you have been trying to lose weight quickly, you should do a google
    search Legion Fat Loss. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  19. Denmark!! xD

  20. I had some air. I haven’t eaten yet…..

  21. Breakfast milk
    Meal chiken
    Dinner nothing

  22. Thin =/= healthy.

  23. Apple Tart. But i loved this video.

  24. Oatmeal topped with berries an bananas

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