Junk Food Song

Choices, such as the lack of exercise and increase in easy accessed junk food, are becoming habitual. Habits start at a young age; therefore, this student aimed at The song, Raise Your Hands Up! is an entertaining way to summarize nutritional choices.

Allegiance; the Cub Scout Promise or a patriotic song (of other opening). Consider a roll call, uniform inspection, or den yell. Achievement 9d (“Make a list of the ‘junk foods’ you eat. Discuss junk food with a parent or teacher.”):

Junk Food (Tune: "Alouette") (An accumulating song) Chorus: Junk food, junk food; it's my favorite snack treat. Junk food, junk food; frozen, fried, or sweet. Will I eat an ice cream cone? Yes, while my mom's on the phone.

There are many words used to describe this general categoryor type of food (junk food, enough time to wash you hands is by singing the ABC Song while you do it. TIME: 30minutes GRADE: All SUMMARY: Children will learn about the importance of washing hands

They are also introduced to types of healthy food, junk food and good food habits. ENGLISH ORAL: Phonetics: Reinforcement of letters – Nn Repeat with other healthy and junk food… Phonic Song S Tune – The farmer in the dell The snake is in the grass The snake is in the grass /sss

“Junk Food Blues” (1) Teach the song “. . .Junk Food Blues. (Appendix C) (2) Use pillowcase costumes for children to wear as they sing the song. Costumes are made by cutting holes in the sides and top of the pillowcase for child’s arms and head.

A Shopping Song Sing to the tune of “The Farmer In the Dell” Author Unknown . Happy, Healthy Me www.beaconlc.org 04.16.02 3 Junk food, junk food. Just say, “NO!” Junk food is a no-no! Happy, Healthy Me www.beaconlc.org 04.16.02 4

Them come up with their own moves using the instrumental version of this song! Following the physical activity the students can create a pizza slice and practice their coloring, cutting to snack on junk food and more likely to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

3a) Junk Food Marketing National Campaigning 4 May 2011 Vokyung Song, Ph.D Consumers Korea Junk Food Marketing – National Campaigning Survey Test Publication & Education Green School Zone (May 2010) Global survey on fast food(Nov 2009) Children’s food campaign(May 2009) Comparative survey on

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