1. Omg she’s beautiful

  2. And smart too thanks

  3. this vieo is kinda depressing 🙁

  4. I don’t know what’s strange about it. I said 3g fat TO 4g of protein,
    (which is the same as fat and protein in a ratio of 3:4). The amount per
    stick is on the packaging, clearly visible on the film. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for posting! I got to be more careful with food now.

  6. Please keep speaking/sharing the truths in nutrition.

  7. What do you eat rachel? Pls upload a video

  8. GREAT VIDEO!!! Props to you for helping in the education of our dismal SAD
    (standard american diet). It is soo enraging to know that they get away
    with this kind of deception. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Another great video. Blessing upon you. Keep them coming.

  10. The only beverage I drink is water… and the occasional wine/beer… (i
    know, beer/wine can’t be any good) 🙁 lol

  11. Thanks for this video, I’m very glad to know there is somebody really
    trying to make people understand what is real food, reading some comments
    where they ask what do you eat or even people crying shows how much the
    marketing has damaged what our options are. Apart from the great
    information you give it is really cool to see your presentation! I just can
    say to those that get panic after this video try to prepare your own food,
    it doesn’t takes much time, use your instinct and imagination!

  12. #EndNewWorldOrder

  13. Great video… very informative! a big Thank you!!

    BUT… at 18:40, you say ‘…75% of this is fat..’ – can you explain how?
    The label says each stick is 16gms out of which 4 gms is protein and 3 gms
    of fat – so it is only 18.75% fat and 25% protein, isn’t it? or am I
    reading it incorrectly??

  14. Honestly, if the only thing you can say about a food to call it unhealthy
    is the fact that it has GMO ingredients in it, you have little credibility
    in my books. Also, it’s been known in the scientific community for over 40
    years and after extensive research on the matter, that there is no evidence
    whatsoever that MSG is bad for you. This rumour began decades ago due to a
    false and discriminatory belief that Asian restaurants were causing
    illnesses. It is extremely important to educate people about health, but
    fear-mongering about foods for which no evidence that they are unhealthy
    has been found, is only adding to the confusion.

  15. You have no idea how fast I put down the yogurt I was eatin 0_0

  16. by the way I remember you have a video where you explain the high fructose
    corn syrup effects… can you send me the link, please?

  17. Thanks,Corrina…I really enjoy all your videos…they’re entertaining as
    well as informative :-)

  18. Corinth, just a note to let you know How much we enjoy your videos.
    Wanted to take some time to inform you of a group of people that make their
    living writing ( Carefully writing) Adds, names of products and
    nutritional information on food items. They are called ‘Ad Men’ and
    some of the best work for the Food industry. As you know, they are
    adapt at making things sound like something they are not or, sound better
    than they are. They can misrepresent a product so skillfully the
    unsuspecting consumer is unaware that they are being duped. There is
    actually a term for what they do. It’s called …. “Weasel words”
    (Really) They say something,, but they don’t say anything.
    Magicians call it ‘Misdirection’. A good example is a powdered soft
    drink mix now on the market that clams to have “100% Natural Lemon
    Flavor”. Haggard and tired housewives see, what they think, is something
    good for their families and buy it. Again, Ad Men have successfully
    parted someone from their hard earned money. Keep up the good work,
    Crusader Corinth.
    Frank Henderson
    Apple valley, Cal

  19. what about greek yogurt? yoplait has that too. 🙂 love yoplait

  20. Thank You! :)

  21. I prefer to buy bread that’s baked fresh in a bakery (even if it’s the
    local supermarket in-store bakery) over corporate produced crap

  22. Wow, I found this video to be very informative and eye-opening. I have been
    trying to live a healthy lifestyle and have lost 40 pounds. But, I have
    still been eating some things that are overprocessed and contain aspartame.
    Your video has encouraged me to take the next step in improving my eating
    habits. Thanks!

  23. I liked this Video but it was a little over the top. The microwave thing
    what are people who work suppose to do. Usually most jobs do not have
    stoves and you do not get a long enough lunch break to be spending time
    cooking a meal from scratch. I am not trying to eat salad every single day

  24. That shirt… Where did you get it?

  25. إبراهيم العوضي

    Hi corrina the other day i was at subway in kuwait and a note was posted
    that said: We have eggs for breakfast that is gmo its helthey and …..(i
    forgot the rest because i couldnt think eggs can be gmo) so i was shocked
    that even eggs is gmo now.

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