1. 0:10 Klokov-inspired ab-work, excellent Johnson!

  2. Got the chills. Wish rogue would do a full “R U Rogue” segment on him like
    they did Chan and Rich!!!

  3. Favorite athlete right there. Need a full r u rogue on josh for sure 

  4. this makes me want to get outside right now!!! Josh Bridges is a BEAST

  5. Is there any question that Josh Bridges is a beast? 

  6. the name of the song please :)

  7. You’re Joshin me. Guy in Rock n Roll workout utube vid beat u to it. 30
    years…Still going strong.

  8. He’s no Rogue. What did he do outside go for a jog with his weight vest
    on.Let me see him jog carrying a log or a rock.Or lift a rock or log in
    forest . Now that’s Rogue.I agree with EPaisan. Rock n Roll workout on u
    tube . That’s Rogue. 

  9. Ball Olympic lifting now That’s Rogue dude . Most never even tried or
    understand the difficulty. All I’m saying is if your gonna say your Rogue
    like Josh does then show us. Don’t show us something my grandmother does
    run through the Woods. 

  10. awesome

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