Jay Cutler Professional Bodybuilder Diet and Supplement Routine

Jay Cutler has been a professional bodybuilder since 1993. His hard work has enabled him to place in many prestigious bodybuilding contests, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, Ironman Pro, and Mr. Olympia. Cutler’s nutrition strategy has helped him become one of the world’s most recognized bodybuilders.

Diet and nutrition greatly impact muscle growth and development. Cutler, three-time Mr. Olympia, uses basic whole foods as the basis of his diet. As a Muscle-Tech representative, he also includes a variety of supplements in his regime. In addition to his regular meals and bodybuilding supplements, he takes several vitamins and minerals to promote health and wellness.

Jay Cutler Meal Plan

Jay Cutler takes in plenty of calories to fuel his muscles and keep his energy level raised. He eats approximately 10 times a day. He has his first meal around 7:00 am, and his last meal around 8:00 pm. He adheres to diet advice from Chris Aceto, bodybuilding nutrition consultant, but also follows his own intuition with his diet program.

Cutler consumes four meals before his afternoon workout, and six meals for the remainder of the day. He includes a pre-workout to provide adequate energy for his workouts. He takes his fifth meal immediately after his workout to replenish his muscles.

Jay Cutler’s Healthy Food Choices

Cutler’s breakfast consists of plenty of egg whites and whole eggs. He adds oatmeal and a bagel to the meal as healthy carbohydrate choices. A glass of orange juice and a multivitamin top off his breakfast.

His second and third meal of the day consist of eight ounces of lean protein and rice. Top round steak, chicken, and fish are primary lean protein sources. He uses both white and brown rice in his meal plans.

His last meals of the day look much like the first. The simplicity of Cutler’s diet proves to be effective in building lean mass. More chicken, rice, oatmeal, and an occasional banana make up the remainder of the meals. He also eats large amounts of green vegetables, including broccoli and asparagus.

Jay Cutler Supplementation Program

Jay Culter includes Muscle-Tech supplements throughout the day to enhance his nutrition. NaNo Vapor, a pre-workout formula, as well as CryoTest, a testosterone amplifier, comprise his pre-workout meal. Anabolic Halo, Leukic Hardcore, Cell-Tech Hardcore, and glutamine make up his post-workout recovery nutrition.

Cutler includes Nitro-Tech Hardcore, a protein supplement, with one of his evening meals. The majority of his vitamin and mineral supplementation is included in the last meal of the day and consists of glutamine, zinc, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C.

Jay Cutler adheres to basic dietary principles to help achieve his award-winning physique. Consistency in nutrition and training lays the foundation for lean muscle growth. Create and tweak your own diet to suit your individual needs.

Note: Speak to a health care professional before beginning any new diet program.


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