IsoSHRED Fitness, IsoCoreX, and Fitness Icon Monica Brant Impacting New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

IsoSHRED Fitness was founded in 2011. Over the last couple of years, its revolutionary home fitness product, IsoCoreX @isocorex, has gained serious traction in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Its versatility, ease of use, portability, and high quality construction has given IsoCoreX a leg up on the competition. IsoCoreX has been used in all types of fitness programs including CrossFit, traditional weight training, fit camps, MMA workouts, even NFL training centers. With a globally recognized fitness professional like Monica Brant @monica_brant endorsing them, they are looking to further extend their reach into the fitness market place.

“Over the last couple of years our experience with IsoCoreX has been overwhelmingly positive, we are very happy to be working with Monica, she is an amazing talent,” Michael Reid, IsoSHRED founder.

Monica Brant retired from competition after winning her final World Pro Figure Title in Aug 2013. Monica has been a pro fitness competitor for 23 years and has been featured on over 100 magazine covers worldwide. She holds fitness camps for women nationally and internationally. During the summer of 2013, IsoSHRED Fitness sponsored Monica Brant F.E.M. Camps™ @monicFEMCamp and due to the popularity of IsoCoreX at the camps, Monica has teamed up with IsoSHRED Fitness to share the benefits of adding IsoCoreX to workout regiments to her network of friends and fans all across the globe.

IsoSHRED Fitness and Monica Brant wrapped up a video shoot in Austin, TX. The videos will be used to share on social media and help people understand how to use IsoCoreX. In the series, Monica is joined by professional body builder Charles Fuller @SkeletorLives. Monica leads Charles though a few of the basic exercises that can be done with IsoCoreX.

Earlier in December, Monica visited 'Ability Fitness' home of Personal Trainer Gi Jenn. Monica and Gi Jenn created videos using IsoCoreX in their workouts and it was again a big hit. IsoCoreX is emerging as a new favorite exercise tool for fitness professionals.

“Compared to other popular fitness products, IsoCoreX is sooo much more versatile and better all-around functionally!!!” – Gi Jenn

IsoCoreX is a completely omnidirectional hand held fitness product that combines many different products into one. It essentially combines an AB wheel with push up bars but moves like a suspension trainer. Three aspects of IsoCoreX are what really allow it to rise above the rest, Stability, Mobility, and Versatility.

1. Stability: while on hard smooth surfaces users get a stability challenge in every rep.

2. Mobility: IsoCoreX moves in any direction, it allows users to do exercises that match their natural range of motion, and increase the range of motion for a better workout.

3. Versatility: IsoCorex can be used for many different exercises and combination exercises on many different surfaces, and is capable exercises that target major core and upper body muscles groups.

Find out more about IsoCoreX and watch their videos at http://www.isoshred.com.

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