Is Your Girlfriend A Complete Psycho?

by Jayne Holden
(New York, USA)

Many men have dated woman they couldn’t stand, but when you are dating a complete psycho it can get a bit more difficult. Psycho girlfriends aren’t exactly completely uncommon.

Men normally associate the female species as kind, gentle, loving, and warm hearted. However there are some that are just the complete opposite. They flatter and giggle for a few weeks and once they know you are hooked they completely morph. They become something entirely new and scary. They become manipulative, controlling psychos that are hell bent on destroying your life from the roots up!. That doesn’t sound pleasant at all, now does it?

If you are still asking yourself questions like “is she psychotic?” Then you probably need some help. Questioning her insanity is the first sign that she probably is just that, insane. Do you ever go to family parties and have her snare and gnash at you?

A good example would be you talking to your cousin who you have known since you were a child. The catch, she is a female and your girlfriend doesn’t like that regardless of the bloodline you two share. Your girlfriend probably feels jealous or even worse, intimidated and she will give you hell to pay for it too!

A normal person will have something to say. People normally call this voicing an opinion. When was the last time you got to share your perspective? Something very funny about psycho girlfriends are their need to always be right even if they are obviously wrong. No matter how much proof or evidence you have she will be right. You decide you don’t want to argue and fight so you put your tail between your legs and skimp off, pathetic. Don’t let this woman control you! What type of relationship is that?

Okay, maybe I am wrong. Perhaps she does give you your say but with a twist. Does she ever tell you that she will hurt or kill herself? If so she is still controlling you but in a even more psychotic way. It takes a lot of corruption in the head to tell someone that you plan on killing yourself. It gets even worse when they blame you for the feeling of wanting to do it.

Her objective is to get you to feel guilty and sympathetic while steering your decision to align with hers. This is an absolutely pathetic method that many, many psychotic woman use. You have two choices: agree or disagree and feel her wrath. She isn’t going to kill herself. Neither will she harm herself. She might harm you though. . . You didn’t fall for her ploy so she will change tactics, and believe me, it isn’t going to be her that is in physical pain.

Psycho or not if you identify your girlfriend with any of these habits and traits you need to run and run fast!

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Updated: November 10, 2013 — 11:37 am

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