Is walking the same for weight loss as jogging?

If I walk 2 miles, is that the same as jogging 2 miles in terms of weight loss? I had surgery and am dying to get fit again but still healing so cant jog yet. But will be able to go out for walks. Is this as good as jogging for weight loss and fitness?

Actually walking is better for fat loss than jogging. Walking requires less oxygen. This means that more fat versus glycogen (carbohydrate) stores will be used for energy. When you perform a high intensity cardio routine like jogging or running, you are using more stored glycogen for energy, because more oxygen is required. You use both fat and glycogen stores for energy, however, walking dips into the fat more.

Jogging and running is good for your cardiorespiratory endurance. This is good for your overall fitness.

FYI: Walking 2 miles and jogging 2 miles actually burns close to the same amount of calories. You just finish the 2 miles faster jogging. You also give your heart and lungs a better workout.

Happy New Year! Get well soon. Best of luck and good health.

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