Is There A Specific Fat Loss Diet For Men?

Most weight loss diets are not generally gender specific, as they can be comfortably followed by both men and women; however there are a few fat loss diets for men that are specifically designed to suit the male metabolism and they help to build a strong muscular physique. Weight loss diets designed specifically for men, typically include a higher level of protein intake, compared with regular weight loss diets, because the increased protein intake kick starts the metabolism and helps to build muscle. A more rigorous exercise regime is also combined with the high protein diet.

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Whilst women are mostly concerned with losing fat and dropping a couple of dress sizes, men are generally more concerned with replacing their body fat with toned muscle. For this reason a fat loss diet for men concentrates not only on fat loss, but also on building a muscular looking physique. In order to use diet and exercise for building muscle mass, the body needs a high protein intake at every meal and even for snacks. So the diet will requires higher protein levels compared with regular weight loss diets. It is actually not dissimilar to body builder’s diet. Because men tend to work out harder at the gym than women, their bodies can utilize the protein to build muscle while they are losing weight.

You should start the day with a high protein breakfast consisting of eggs and a fat free meat product and also include a protein shake and some freshly extracted fruit juice. Small snacks containing high protein, such as nuts and protein drinks, should be taken regularly during the day, between regular meals. By keeping up the high protein levels in the body, the metabolism is sped up and thus burns greater amounts of fat and builds more muscle mass.

A change of lifestyle is imperative for the men’s fat loss diet to succeed. A new daily routine must be established with time set aside for regular exercise or aerobics and food preparation. Joining a gym or a yoga class, can help establish a workout routine and you may also need to set aside time to go to an organic market for your fruit and vegetables, especially if you are juicing every day. Preparing the recipes for your new diet might seem tedious at first, but once you start to feel the effects your enthusiasm for food preparation and ingredient selection will develop. Swimming is another great exercise that will tone your muscles, increase your lung function and your capacity to burn fat at the same time.

For the fat loss diet for men to be successful, a well-planned program comprising of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes which must be carefully laid out and strictly adhered to. You will need to set goals and always try to beat your personal best when testing exercise endurance. This way you will see a gradual improvement as you lose weight and gain fitness.

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