Is Teeth Whitening Covered By Hsa

Including a Health Savings Account (HSA). I also certify that I have not, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash including antibacterial mouthwash and fluoride rinse, breath strips, teeth-whitening, denture cleanser, etc.) Skin care

HSA (covered by an HDHP). © 2013 HSA Authority, LLC HSA Distribution Worksheet 11/18/13. Additional Distribution Events and Other Details on Distributions: 1. Teeth Whitening Vitamins . Title: Slide 1 Author: Whitney Johnson Created Date:

Qualified Expenses for a Health Savings Account (HSA) Teeth whitening See Cosmetic treatment. infant or other family member covered under the HSA, the cost of harvesting and storing cord blood is a qualified medical expense.

• •Diaper service Teeth whitening Health Savings Account, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Typically, ♦ Expenses covered by another insurance plan; or ♦ Expenses incurred prior to the date the HSA was established.*

• Anyone not covered under another medical plan that is not a QHDHP the unused balance in a Health Savings Account automatically rolls over except for teeth whitening • Dental X-rays • Dentures • Dermatologist

Teeth whitening along with anything considered cosmetic cannot be included in medical expenses. If you receive medical services that are not covered under your HSA-compatible health plan, you may still be able to use your HSA funds to pay for the services.

QUALIFIED HSA EXPENSES (For Health Savings Accounts) * This list is by no means exhaustive. Teeth Whitening/Bleaching (may be eligible if prescribed by a physician to treat a congenital abnormality, disfiguring disease, or

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