Is it possible to see very famous Korean celebrities in Korea?

See them shopping etc. Where are the most celebs located?

I have seen tons of Korean celebrities since I've been living in Kangnam area.(Apgujeong-dong!)

You will get the chances to see Korean celebrities especially in Apgujeong and Cheongdam area. (압구정동, 청담동)

The specific locations are below:

* Galleria Departmen Store in Apgujeong (갤러리아 백화점 명품관)

* Deluxe & expensive hairs salons like: Hair0809, La Beautycore, Chosungah and etc.

(헤어0809, 라뷰티코아, 조성아뷰티폼, 이경민포레, 이희, 정샘물, 뮤제, 김청경헤어페이스 등)

* Luxurious gyms or fitness centers like: California Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, Champs-Elysees Fitness center and etc.

I took a shower with super famous actors like 조인성, 장혁, 이진욱 and etc at the gym. Yes I saw everything! lol

* Stylish restaurants in Cheongdam dong

* On the street of Apgujeong Rodeo Street (압구정 로데오 거리)

If you hang around in these areas a lot(esp. in the daytime), you will definitely see one of the Korean celebs in the near future,

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