Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in one month, being healthy and maintaining that new weight?

I plan on doing the Following: Watching what I eat, Adding in more fruits and veggies, cutting out all soda, avoiding sweets as much as possible. Walking on the treadmill from 10 to 20 Mins. daily with additional exercise ball workouts. Also, I am slightly Lactose Intolerant.

its possible to lose less then that

about 8 lbs or so…the recomended is about 0.5-1lb of fat a week and this is actual fat and not water weight…depending on how much muscle you have and of course your diet the way your body reacts to exercise it willl asure you of your weight loss goals..you got do a little bit more then 10 minutes of cardio..minimum is about 20 mins…weight training should be a minimum of 30 minutes or more…diet will play a big factor in attaining your goals so you gota be extremely dedicated to your goal for the month…also make sure you get proper rest cause you will be losing weight and putting your body through alot in the month…also after that month to maintain the weight you gota do what you were doing that one month in lsoing that wieght..this is a whole lifestyle change…and i would strongly recommended you change thing little by little..because if you do this all in one shot you mihgt find yourself quiting..and not being able to attain your goals….god luck with your goals

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