Is Hoodia A Natural Way To Lose Weight?

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

If you are going on a diet you might consider taking Hoodia as a weight loss supplement. Some people consider it to be safer than most othernatural weight loss supplements on the market as it does not speed up or slow down the body in any way and there are less dangerous side effects.

In essence, hoodia can be classified as a natural appetite suppressant. It’s most dangerous side effect is too much weight loss in too short a time. It should be used in moderation in order to be effective but it is more akin to eating food than taking a drug.

Hoodia is a good alternative to taking caffeinated diet pills or ephedrine because unlike other weight loss aids it’s effects are not too stimulating. It does not rev up your heart or metabolism and cause complications like heart attacks and thyroid malfunction.

Most people who take it feel strong and focused. Many people also feel more like they are in the mood for exercise once they have been invigorated by taking hoodia.

The hoodia supplements that we take here in North America are made from a vegetable that tastes a bit like a bitter small cucumber. It is often eaten as part of a tasty salad in Africa.

Hoodia is also not a diuretic like herbal Chinese weight loss teas. As natural as those Chinese teas are they still have that serious side effect of leaching your body of all of its water.

The only reason that you look thinner when you take these teas is because your body sheds all of its water weight. You can lose over ten pounds of water in three days using these natural teas.

This is very hard on the kidneys. Of course it is a false weight loss as well as you will only gain all of your pounds back in just a couple of days.

Hoodia also stimulates an individual but not in the same way as speed or caffeine. You don’t get addicted to it.

Even though hoodia does seem like a very safe option (so safe that in Africa it is actually classified as food and not a drug) it does have its hazards simply because it does cause you to forget to eat and drink. This can lead to a state of being very unhealthy if you consume hoodia over the long term.

People on hoodia barely notice they are on it. They feel steady and calm and like they have a great deal of stamina.

If you are going to take any type of supplement it really is one of the safest if the natural weight loss supplements available.

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Updated: November 14, 2013 — 4:09 am

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