1. Hey fortress for about 5 months i have been struggling with trying to
    achieve the dragon flag*, like what progressions & exercises can help get
    there*, it would be very generous if your could make an in depth tutorial
    on how to do them* thank you in advance*´╗┐

  2. Paul, I have learned a lot from you. Not only from building muscle but from
    Christianity. You have inspired a lot of people to do the things you, that
    you’ve shown us, and I want to say thanks. ­čÖé ´╗┐

  3. Dud i do cross country so i run alot i can do up to 5 miles without running
    in a race i do 3 miles can you tell me what ure time is for the 3 miles´╗┐

  4. Wait, what’s the difference between soul and spirit? Aren’t they basically
    the same thing?´╗┐

  5. hey fortress can u put together a bodyweight workout for the week or
    something like that i dont live near a gym im 15 and wana get in shape i
    can only do 10 pullups and 30 pushups´╗┐

  6. The is equipment.´╗┐

  7. Paul… I did my first chin up today! ­čśÇ I have been over weight my ENTIRE
    life and have never been able to even hang on a bar for more than a few
    seconds, so this is a pretty big accomplishment for me. You have no clue
    how much you have inspired me man… i have lost almost 50 pounds since i
    found your videos and i am looking to lose about 40 more. God bless you
    paul, you help more people than you realize.´╗┐

  8. Such an inspiration´╗┐

  9. hi Paul, do you know edward from the channel eduardsfitness? He has
    tutorials at the same places where you workout.´╗┐

  10. Great video! I concur!´╗┐

  11. Paul,

    Great, great videos. Really inspiring and motivating. Have you considered
    making a Fitness DVD along the lines of, say, Insanity Workout or similar?
    Your simple, convincing method and proven results are very powerful and I’m
    certain that aspiring healthy people will be very interested in your
    technique of teaching. :)´╗┐

  12. fuckin’ amazing… where do you live?´╗┐

  13. ´╗┐

  14. I like his attitude´╗┐

  15. You are amazing bro ….
    I am too much motivated and inspired of your videos …
    GOD Bless You …´╗┐

  16. Luis R. González

    SONG NAME??´╗┐

  17. Pavel my old friend. what is that old saying ‘ If you strike me down, I
    shall become more powerful than you can imagine’ obiwan kenobi ­čśë I pulled
    an obiwan on yo ass. I just wanted to say this. You taught me so many
    things about life, you became the biggest inspiration to me and also like a
    hero. But the biggest lesson was when I watched your vid on homosensuals
    (im not gay btw lol), I couldnt believe it !!! Someone who was like a
    father figure to me, since my own dad is never around anymore. I learnt a
    valuable life lesson when i watched that, the lesson was that even your
    heros are not perfect, they don’t have all the answers. So now I will stand
    on my own two feet and not take advice from other people! I will make my
    own path from now on and not lean on others like a little bitch!´╗┐

  18. I share the same vision : Bodyweight fitness´╗┐

  19. respect! <3
    Take care of your body! It is the only place for you to live in!´╗┐

  20. One little mistake.
    “God has designed our body…”
    No,no…god doesnt exist you designed your own body with hard work and
    dedication dont just throw away the credit for yourself to that imaginary
    sky-daddy freind.
    You have been cured from obesity now you have to cure from religion,wich is
    a serious mental illness-i suggest you talk to someone.
    This is 2013-religion is bullshit.
    Goodluck with your fitness goals and getting cured from religion ;).´╗┐

  21. I’ve been watching you’r videos since day 1 of you starting! You are a
    great inspiration and a great man! You’r progress is amazing and bro you
    have the perfect body now! But never stop to inspire people and keep doing
    what you love and that is train hard!´╗┐

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