1. This music is from redhooknoodles not from the channel listed in the
    description. Please notice this because redhooknoodles deserves the credits
    I know because I used his music for my videos before. You can even hear in
    the song “this is a noodles production”

  2. Back-focused.

  3. Black Belt N (CCN/TKDC)


  4. Big K.R.I.T hometown hero instrumental

  5. i Subscribed again :b

  6. Good job man 

  7. PlayingSomeGamesonPC

    He’s cool… RSK approved

  8. BringMeTheHorizonnn

    if reggie miller and kobe had a baby, it would be this guy.


  10. Stop focusing on the 7 meals a day Wings. You can do 4-5 meals a day if you
    make an effort.. We all have faith in you

  11. U can do it!

  12. YES FUCK YES, A PERSONAL TRAINER! as much as i thought bootcamp was
    awesomely done by kyle, this is going to be awesome!

  13. that was a really well done video Jordie. if you did that editing it was
    pretty amazing even though it was just transitions with a nice beated song.
    I really enjoyed watching it. goodluck bro! like he said “messing up is
    fine, fixing it is where you get skilled”

  14. What beat is that? Amazing! And good job on the workout, this is the first
    time watching his channel. I support anybody who is trying to live a
    healthy lifestyle, keep at it!

  15. If ROZAY pigmants got fucked up

  16. Forget the six meals. Learn to skip breakfast and slowly transition to IF –
    makes all kinds of fat loss…. Good luck!

  17. Great to see this wings. Keep it up!

  18. This was incredible wings!

  19. Good job Jordie, you look so much better than before you went to Kyle’s
    place! Keep it up and you’ll drop under 350 for sure.

  20. GREAT!! Bad timing with the roommates coming home though.

  21. Good luck with the weight losing wings. Hope you can lose a lot and feel
    better 🙂

    Good luck and happy Christmas!

  22. Good job wings you earned a new sub

  23. he kinda looks like kobe

  24. Hell yea, Wings. Super excited to see you going at this shit.

  25. Kobe Bryant!!

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