2. AllRealisticFitness

    How tall is Chris Mays?

  3. Lmao @ the kid straight mirin @ 1:00

  4. Every rep is a pause rep for maximum gains

  5. Chris Mays: Shoulders so badass he puts wheels on the handle…

  6. Yes big j we know all about ur injury 

  7. It’s not an official workout unless Big J does a whole stack of something!

  8. Charles Glass doesn’t even advise people go below the chin because of the
    danger of snapping shit up. I think you have the right approach when it
    comes to lifting… LIFT HEAVY, but lift safe.

  9. Big J I hope to do a vid with you someday brotha

  10. Laterial Raises are the best, and i also love doing Smith Machine Shoulder
    Presses. Awesome video Big J. Thats sum Heavy Azz Weights you guys are
    throwing up.

  11. another great video mr j,that Chris guy is pretty strong

  12. awesome workout!

  13. The smaller dude is strong.

  14. intense as always J, hope to train again sometime soon!!

  15. Badass Workout Big J!! Watching your videos gets me pumped to push some
    heavy iron!

  16. Big J, I workout at this gym in Coppell. What location was this filmed at?
    Just curious. Love your vids sir.

  17. TheConstructionCrew

    Just got that Gorilla Wear cut-off sweatshirt for Christmas! Happy New
    Year, Big J!

  18. CombatVeteranLifter

    Jim the Giant sent me. Great videos!! I subscribed. Feel free to subscribe
    back to my page. We have very similar audiences! Yours is just a ton bigger
    than mine! :-)

  19. Big ups to Big J for letting me be in the video! 7:34

  20. Of course Big J I was commenting as I watched the video. You showed his set
    first so I commented about it haha

  21. How many sets each exercise? I’m about to do this workout today. Love your
    videos. Just subbed

  22. Don’t usually comment, but I needed something to get me to the gym tonight
    and this was it Big J. Love the intensity, and love how damn polite you are
    man. Keep making those gains brother!

  23. every time someone comments about big j range of motion I just wanna reach
    through my screen and give them a kali dose of slap city to the face. 

  24. Big J = such an inspiration

  25. awesome video!!

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