Insulin Sensitivity Fasting

Inthegeneralclinicalresearchcenterafter fasting for 12 h. During the oral glucose tolerance test, plasma glucose and insulin concentrations were measured before

Biomarkers in Fasting Serum to Estimate Glucose Tolerance, Insulin Sensitivity, and Insulin Secretion Allison B. Goldfine,1* Robert W. Gerwien,2 Janice A. Kolberg,2 Sheila O’Shea,1 Sarah Hamren,2

insulin secretion, insulin action, and fasting plasma glucose concentration in nondiabetic and noninsulin-dependent diabetic subjects. J Clin Invest74:

Fasting Indicators of Insulin Sensitivity: Effects of Ethnicity and Pubertal Status TANJA C. ADAM, PHD 1 REBECCA E. HASSON, PHD 2 CHRISTIANNE J. LANE, PHD

PAPER Insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion and b-cell function during puberty in overweight Hispanic children with a family history of type 2 diabetes

RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Fasting insulin sensitivity indices are not better than routine clinical variables at predicting insulin sensitivity among Black Africans: a clamp study in

7426 MedicalSciences: Efendicet al. Table 1. CriteriaforOGTT Venousbloodglucose, mmol/liter Group Fasting 1 hr 2hr Normal <5.2 <7.8 and <6.4 Borderline-1 <5.2 7.8-8.8 and/or 6.4-6.6

A Major Gene Effect on Fasting Insulin and Insulin Sensitivity in Familial Combined Hyperlipidemia Jussi Pihlajama¨ki,1 Melissa Austin, 2Karen Edwards, and Markku Laakso1

There are strong correlations between estimates of insulin resistance and sensitivity in fasting and non-fasting blood samples. Leptin, adiponectin and the leptin:adiponectin ratio did not differ and were strongly correlated between

SHORT REPORT Open Access Limitations of fasting indices in the measurement of insulin sensitivity in Afro-Caribbean adults Debbie S Thompson1*, Michael S Boyne1, Clive Osmond1,2, Trevor S Ferguson1, Marshall K Tulloch-Reid1,

A Novel Fasting Blood Test for Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes Jeff Cobb, Ph.D.,1 Walter Gall, Ph.D.,1 Klaus-Peter Adam, Insulin sensitivity indices obtained from oral glucose tolerance testing: comparison with the euglycemic insulin clamp. Diabetes Care. 1999;22(9):1462–70. 18.

Our results indicate that a fasting G:I ratio is an easily obtainable, safe, highly sensitive, and specific measure of insulin sensitivity in obese non-Hispanic white PCOS

CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDY AJM Theme Issue: OBESITY AND DIABETES The effects of a low-fat, plant-based dietary intervention on body weight, metabolism, and insulin sensitivity

Hypertension Genes Are Genetic Markers for Insulin Sensitivity and Resistance Xiuqing Guo, Suzanne Cheng, Kent D. Taylor, Jinrui Cui, Randall Hughes, The NPPA T2238C and SCNN1A A663T were associated with decreased fasting insulin levels after

Another method to quantify the insulin sensitivity is the Rapid Insulin Sensitivity Test (RIST). It use has been only described in laboratory animals, such as

Insulin sensitivity, and b-cell function in relation to hemoglobin A1C M.A. Marinia, S. Frontonia, E. Succurrob, F. Arturib, A. Sciacquab, M.L. Hribalb, F. Perticoneb, G. Sestib,*

PAPER Insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion and b-cell function during puberty in overweight Hispanic children with a family history of type 2 diabetes

fasting insulin, insulin sensitivity (S i), serum triglyceride (TG) concentration, or serum HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) concentration; whether visceral fat or S i was indepen-dently related to lipids; and whether ethnicity influ e n c e d

Fasting Glucose Insulin Ratio: A Useful Measure of Insulin Resistance in Girls with Premature Adrenarche PATRICIA VUGUIN, PAUL SAENGER, AND JOAN DIMARTINO-NARDI

1 Sixteen hours fasting differentially affects hepatic and muscle insulin sensitivity in mice Annemieke C Heijboer1,2, Esther Donga2, Peter J Voshol1,2, Zhi-Chao

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