2. good one rob

  3. She is not comparing to a doctor or a lawyer dumb fuck. She just said to
    follow your dreams and do something that you love instead of doing
    something that you hate. Most people want to be a doctor or a lawyer not
    because they love the profession but rather for the money. Instead of
    building a career that you hate to afford all the material things, do
    something that you like doing and be happy.

  4. she’s f***ng hot & sweet at the same time wow ! 😀

  5. pls go.. no sadcunts allowed here

  6. lol kid that wasn’t the point; Guess your the uneducated here, kiddo.

  7. You really are a beauty but its too much…

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  12. How bad could she kick my ass? I’m a guy 5’4″, 125 lbs. she might be able
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  13. Lord have mercy! I’m trying so hard not to say anything naughty…

  14. This makes me horny. Stop lifting and get in my bed and on my dick.

  15. When I don’t think I have another shred in me, I listen to my play list
    that has these tracks and I take to heart she had to be strong too, and
    keep pushing even when it seems like you have nothing left! Thank you

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