Insomnia Natural Remedies – Natural Sleep Made Simple Review

Insomnia Book Review – All Natural Cures for Insomnia


Natural Sleep Made Simple is a book by Jenelle Jordyn that focuses on various non-medicating methods to fight insomnia, including nutrition, herbal recipes, exercise, daily living habits and making your bedroom’s atmosphere cozy for sleeping. She goes on to explains why treating insomnia with natural remedies is far less harmful than taking prescription drugs or sleep aids. Natural remedies are sometimes called home and herbal remedies. Natural remedies come from nature based products that have little or no chemical processing such as, plants, vegetables and flowers.

Jenelle offers 2 bonuses: A free 60 minute mp3audio download with relaxation sounds which comes with purchasing the book and, a free PDF Sleep Report which requires no purchase to get it.

Moving on, the book also covers several ways to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep without using the typical sleeping pill. She points out that sleeping pills or sleep-aid drugs have risky side-effects, and leave people feeling as if they have a hang over the next morning. On the other hand, natural insomnia products make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

There is caution, however, that anyone already under a physician’s care for insomnia or a sleep disorder, should consult their physician before altering or adding to their treatment plan. With that said, let’s take a peak at some of the methods being taught in this book:

  • The types of foods that interfere with a restful sleep
  • How pre-sleeping activities can prevent a sound sleep
  • The right time of day to perform physical exercise to maximize a natural sleep pattern
  • How using natural herbs and aromatherapy in a warm bath can prepare the body for sleep
  • A bonus calming bath recipe to help with relaxation
  • Meditation and breathing exercises to ease worry and anxiety
  • Information on vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies to relieve sleeping problems.
  • How to find and use herbs.
  • How pre-sleeping activities can prevent a sound sleep

My overall opinion of this book is favorable. Nevertheless, I would have liked to see more information on children and babies with insomnia. Children and babies have trouble sleeping just like adults, but getting them to sleep requires different activities, such as listening to lullabies. Perhaps Ms. Jordyn will cover that in her next book.


The information presented here should not be interpreted as medical advice. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic insomnia, please seek professional medical advice for the latest treatment options.


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