Insanity Review – Where to Buy Insanity Workout?

You can find those workout DVDs in the local retail stores mostly which are targeted to make a person lose weight only by a few pounds. The extreme and intensive workout program such as Insanity is nowhere to be found in such retail stores to be purchased by you.

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Insanity workout program is here to get you the hardest physique and if you want a complete transformation of your body in two months, Insanity is the one program that should be on the top of your priority list.  

Though Insanity is a workout program you can undergo while being at home. The said program is not so easy a program to handle. With Insanity, you are supposed to workout harder than you ever did in your life before. Shaun T, being an acclaimed fitness trainer to many top cine and athletic celebrities has created this program which pushes you to limits beyond your imagination.

What happens in normal exercise session is that you work for short periods to break it up with long intervals of rest but Shaun T reverses this workout by pushing you to the limits to have longer bursts of physical training marked with brief spells of rest. He has named it Max Interval Training.

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Insanity workout kit contains 10 superpower workout DVDs to move nearly each muscle your body has. The titles of DVDs are an indication enough of the extreme workout program, Shaun T is going to put you through:

  1. Plyo Cardio Circuit
  2. Pure Cardio and Abs
  3. Dig Deeper and Fit Test
  4. Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery
  5. Core Cardio and Balance
  6. Cardio Power and Resistance
  7. Max Interval Plyometric Drill
  8. Cardio Abs
  9. Max abs and Cardio Conditioning
  10. Max Interval Circuit

To carry on with this extreme workout program, you need online support of your peers and fitness   trainers. You will get the four gifts in bonus, that is, the Insanity Calendar, Elite Nutrition Plan, the Fitness Guide and Free of Cost Online Support Tools.

You can order the Insanity Workout DVDs in its website and for the mode of payment and other details you can go to the Insanity webpage.

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