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Watch in real time as visitors navigate through your website. Are they flowing through your site the way you expect? How well are they interacting with your content? Are there issues with your site structure or navigation you don’t know about? Visitor paths gives you the insights you need to quickly detect problems you would otherwise miss with regular analytics.

Watch a live feed of your visitors as they land on your website.

See their location, IP address, browser, system stats, number of visits and much more. Identify sales leads, return visitors, click fraudsters, nuisance visitors and bots from the forensic level of detail available for each visitor.

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Statcounter shows us which companies have visited our website, where they come from, what pushed them towards that page, what they’re downloading, which products they’re interested in and how long they’ve spent on each page. Our sales team have a clear picture of each lead before we even make contact.
Karolina Scioblowska
Concept Data Display
If you have a gut feeling, you test it, and then the data better back it up to be able to continue doing it. For this, I absolutely love Statcounter.
Andi Lucas
Hummingbird Marketing Services

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