In layman's terms, what exactly does your lean body mass mean? Can it be changed?

According to the definition, it's the weight of the body with no fat. My question is this: if my lean mass is 112 lbs, does that mean I NEVER be able to get to a weight below that? As in, I will never see 110 pounds on the scale? I have no desire to be that thin, but I was just wondering if lean body mass can be changed or lowered.

Lean body mass = total body weight minus pounds of fat. So it is basically the weight of everything except fat, i.e. bones, muscles, vital organs, etc.

Lean body mass can alter due to muscle loss/gain or changes in bone density. This can be due to age, diet or training. When we go on a diet, we typically lose lean body mass as well as fat….the amount depends on the type of diet and training. Restrictive diets with low protein and intense cardio workouts tend to result in a higher loss of lean mass compared to high protein diets that include weight training.

Hope this helps.

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