1. A video full of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend this video for
    all YouTube viewers. This video can bring the the best in a man. Fasting
    not only heals your body but also the mind. It can turn you from a pervert
    to a gentleman. Thank you sir for the best video I have seen over the

  2. 1 impotent disliked this video?

  3. @BergenCafe lmao he does without the stressed out vibe it is as if he
    crossed over and became your personal angel lol

  4. @jshepper Good point, was thinking the same thing. I suppose one could just
    focus upon morning sex, then a nooner, then pig out in the afternoon but
    not eat after 5 or so. Then it would be a virtual fast again until the next
    morning. Otherwise, following the advice of “Nicolas Cage,” a happy
    frequent shagging fellow could end up as one skinny dude!

  5. Bust mean nuts everyday

  6. oral stimulation is best i think

  7. Oh yeah, and MEN: Stay off the bicycle!!! (That’s a big factor for a soft
    sale, if ya know what I mean.)

  8. i really like this guy very informative

  9. @jshepper morning sex, best way to start your day

  10. Ha! I could give a rip less how I perform sexually. My sex drive is less
    than 5% of what it was in my 20’s and frankly I’m relieved. Oh, I get a
    girlfriend for a few months every few years but generally they aren’t worth
    the trouble. I tend to feel confined and trapped when I’m dating and I’m
    always happier when Its over. The strong sex drive I once had was a
    terrible cross to bear. And the coolest thing, now that my home is paid
    off, my usual spending is less than 30% of my take home pay.

  11. @jshepper THEN DON’T EAT EVERY DAY!

  12. these psychetruth people must really hate video editing

  13. @vention4wh smart man

  14. what foods should i eat to help fill up my nuts? what foods help the gazum
    spazum tissue

  15. Put the bunny back in the box.

  16. This is bunk. My boyfriend’s libido is high when he has eaten and very low
    when he is hungry. How about: don’t eat 7 courses, but eat normally? This
    kind of talk about fasting is not actually a health tip. Maybe consider
    whether your libido is more connected to a moment of ano/orthorexic
    satisfaction before spreading these kinds of ED triggers. Seriously.
    Consider that this is not the first time “don’t eat” has been suggested as
    sexual satisfaction in this culture, and pause.

  17. It’s obvious that this guy never scores!

  18. thank you kindly for being kind..good input!!

  19. Definitely looking forward to your diet & fasting videos!

  20. I imagine getting hugry while doing it xD. It makes no sense to me to fast.
    I’d rather consume easily digestible foods and that will not slow you down
    (feel sleepy). For an exam, for example, would you fast as well?

  21. @jshepper Then you’re gonna starve!

  22. in islam i heard that keep fasting is good for sex .

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