Importance of Strengthening Your Core Muscles

Core muscles in lay man terms are the muscles present at or around the abdomen or the abs. Core muscles is probably the most important muscle group in the human body as they provide form and posture. Apart from that core muscles also provide the human body the ability to withhold bowel and bladder control. Core muscles play an important role during pregnancy too. These muscles provide power, posture agility and stability.


In today’s world physical fitness has become all the more important. It is even more important for the laymen as they don’t train like athletes and gymnasts. Obesity and diabetes are climbing the charts. People have started becoming aware of their health and how to be fit. In order to be fit and flexible, one needs to strengthen their core muscles. It may sound like rocket science but it isn’t. Core muscles can be trained very easily under appropriate supervision. Joining a boot camp could be a good way to train your core muscles.

In order to strengthen the core, one of the recommended workouts is the ball stability workout. All it needs is a mat and an exercise ball. Exercise routines like back extension, ball balance, ab roll and ball rotation provide a good overall core workout. The muscles which are trained in the process are rectus abdominis which is commonly known as the abs, transverse abdominis which draws the whole core together, oblique muscles, and the erector spinae which is a group of muscles supporting the spinal cord.

Although the ball stability workout is a good training routine, a person with high fitness goals could use other ways to train their core. A few of the most popular exercises for the same are Barbell squats and dead lifts. It is believed that these exercises are 70% more effective to train one’s core than the not so arduous ball stability workout. Squats help train the buttocks and the thighs and the dead lift trains one’s quadriceps and hamstrings as well. Hence both squats and dead lifts are compound exercises.

The importance of core muscles can be realized by the very fact that we use them in almost all the routine activities, for instance sitting, standing, walking, running etc. These muscles have two major types of functions namely static and dynamic. The static core function comes into play when resistance against a constant force is required. It helps keeping our body stable and maintaining a good posture while doing so. The dynamic movement on the other hand involves the skeletal structure of the body apart from the resistance against a force. As opposed to the static function, this requires more of core musculature rather than just skeletal stability.

Core muscles have a very important role to play in our lives. They work even without us noticing their importance. A strong core can help prevent critical injuries like spinal and those pertaining to the back. So next time you decide to go boot camping for core training, do consider giving the stability ball a chance.

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