If you know know please help me or even just guess please?

Hey guys im 17 years old and i weigh 120 lb and i been working out for a while i'm getting to it i just got the basic shape anyway this is what im doing and please tell me if i could add anything to make my work out routine better cause i really need a six back and a good body before the summer

1. Deltech Abdominal Board = 180

2. sit ups = 180

3. Load Lat Pull Machine = 60times , ( 80 pounds )

4.http://www.americanfitness.net/images/view.aspx?productId=50072 this one idk what is it called lol : 30 times ( 60 pounds )

5.Plate Loaded Pec Machine = 60 times ( 70 pounds)

6. pull up bar = 30 times

7 and finally = http://www.americanfitness.net/wristrollerforearmdeveloper.aspx .this thing attached to the wight lifting machine = 60 times ( 50 pounds )

i exercise 3-4 times a week for like 30 mins .. and plus i use weigh muscle milk protein like 2 times a day

so please tell me your suggestions and feed backs


Machines are pretty useless. They don't hit your stabilizer muscles and they make everything WAY to easy.

Get yourself a heavy set of adjustable dumbbells and workout once, twice or three times a week. Only hit each muscle group once a week.

Eat every 3 hours on high protein sources.

If you give your body a reason to grow, then it will grow.

I only workout once a week so hit my whole body in a single 1 hour workout (including warming up and warming down). It does work, I'm 17, 5'11'' and 171 pounds.

If your interested in my routine just contact me.

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