Reaching Your Ideal Weight Understanding Body Composition

By | September 1, 2013

Reaching your ideal weight can be one of the most unforgettable and amazing feelings that you will ever experience. In this article I will give you all the steps that you must take to make this goal a complete reality!


But before you can start moving toward this goal, you have to know exactly how much you should weigh when you finally hit this target!

Currently the most popular and widely used methods of calculating ideal weight are the body mass index charts and the height and weight charts.

The biggest problem with these methods is that they only give you a ballpark figure. The BMI calculation can be used when you simply want to know approximately how much you should weigh. This site has the best ideal weight calculator in case this interests you.

But if you are serious about creating a lean, trim healthy body composition, you have to use a method that takes into account your current lean body mass and your current body fat percentage.


When your major goal is to create the body of your dreams with a low body fat percentage your focus should be on losing unwanted body fat while maintaining your muscle.

Once you reach your weight loss goal, building more muscle is one of the most effective ways to maintain your low body fat percentage for life!

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue and your body must expand energy (calories) in order to maintain it. This means the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn during the day.

The more calories you burn during the day, the easier it will be to stay lean and maintain your ideal weight. This means that muscle is one of your secret weapons against unwanted body fat!


The height and weight charts are one of the most common ways of determining how much someone should weigh. They tell you how much you should weigh based on your height alone.

The problem with this chart is that they are completely misleading, especially to people who carry more muscle than the average person.

Someone with a high body fat percentage can be classified as having a normal weight, while a person with a low body fat percentage will be classified as being obese.

My suggestion is to ignore these height and weight charts completely if permanent fat loss is your objective.

The body mass index (BMI) charts are also very popular, and are used by many people to determine if they currently have a healthy weight.

But since this method does not take into account how much muscle and body fat you have at the present moment, this method, just like the height and weight charts should be avoided as a measurement of your ideal weight.

The reason for this is simple, if you have a low body fat percentage and carry more lean body mass than the average person, you will be classified as overweight when using the BMI chart as the criteria for measurement. 


If you want to create the body of your dreams, achieve permanent weight loss and maintain a lean, healthy body for life, you must forget about judging your progress using the scale weight alone.

Instead you should focus on your current lean body mass and your body fat percentage. The reason for this is very simple!

Losing weight is very easy, while losing unwanted body fat is very hard, especially for people who have an endomorph dominant body type.

You can lose 10 pounds of scale weight in a few days by simply using natural diuretics and dehydrating yourself. Many athletes use this method to make a weight class. But losing 10 pounds of body fat is a completely different story.

When permanent fat loss is what you want to accomplish, you must focus on reaching your ideal body fat percentage, and not so much on your ideal weight.

Once you reach your ideal body fat percentage, you will have a lean, healthy body and how much you weigh on the scale will not be that important anymore! 


Using the weight loss tracker is the best way to calculate your ideal body fat percentage and your ideal body weight.

Once you have your ideal weight and ideal body fat percentage numbers calculated, this will become the main target that you will be aiming at in your weight loss program!

Creating the weekly weight loss chart will be your next step. This chart is the ultimate way of tracking your current reality.

The numbers that you will see here on a weekly basis will show the effectiveness of your weight loss program. This chart will allow you to stay focused on losing unwanted body fat and maintaining your muscle.

Based on the results in your weekly weight loss chart, you will either adjust your approach next week, or keep doing the same thing that you have been doing.

During the weight loss phase of your program, most likely you will hit a

weight loss plateau and this will show up in your weekly weight loss chart.

When this happens, all you will have to do is make adjustments, which you will find in this ideal weight chart article. That page will help you to interpret the results that you are producing in your weight loss journey and will help you adjustments your approach so that you can get back on track!

These are the three most important elements of an effective, long term weight loss program that will eventually help you to create permanent fat loss and reach your ideal weight.

If you do not have an effective system that allows you to track your current body fat percentage and your lean body mass, and make adjustments when they are necessary, then most likely permanent fat loss will remain only a dream.


The reason why your weekly weight loss chart and tracking your current reality are so important for long term weight loss is very simple: they help you to keep moving in the right direction on a weekly basis.

If you are losing body fat and maintaining your lean body mass, then you are on track, if you are not, then you must make adjustments as soon as possible and get back on track.

The majority of people do not approach weight loss using current reality as a tool to help them to reach their ideal weight, and as we all know, the majority of people do not achieve permanent weight loss!

My main goal is to make you realize that current reality, and seeing where you are in the present moment is the most powerful tool for creating the body of your dreams.


Without a doubt current reality is the major secret to permanent fat loss, and the major secret to accomplishing all of your other dreams and desires in life.

Yes, nutrition and exercise are important, but they are only part of the process, and can never build the momentum that is necessary to accomplish your long term objectives.

The two elements that create the energy and non-stop motivation for bringing your true wants and desires into reality are knowing what you truly want and knowing where you are.

Simultaneously focusing on your desires and your current reality is what will help you to create a single minded focus on hitting your main targets in life without ever giving up, quitting or throwing in the white towel!

This is how you can realistically create your ideal weight, and then maintain it for life!

Without using these powerful tools on a day to day basis, most likely you will experience a pattern of taking one step forward and then two steps back, over and over and over!.

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