I plan on starting an exercise routine, I want to include weights

As for order, I would lift weights for any major muscle group and do abs last. this is mostly important when your doing big muscles in your workout like legs/chest/back.Last thing you want to do is weaken your abs first because your abdominal muscles are needed to support your upper body and for keeping good posture.So in your weight lifting workouts do abs after the rest of the muscles you plan to train that day.For jogging and what not you can do it after a weight workout or do it separate maybe jog in the morning and weight lift in the afternoon, As far as times go you have the most testosterone in your system first few hours of the morning.However if your not a morning person you most likely wont feel like lifting weights first thing.So do weights when you feel best so you can give it your all.Weight workouts take enormous energy and they take excessive effort.walking is one thing but a 150lb bench press is another.I would lift weights on separate days of jogging for the most part, it dont hurt and that way you dont over train too much in one day.Depends on how much lifting you plan to do as well. But if you do an hour plus weight session I would say don't jog much that day if at all.You can perform better if you feel rested when you do exercise so always aim to get good amounts of sleep 8-9 hours per night and if you worked a job the day you want to exercise i would take a 20-30 min nap or at least lay and relax a bit in between.that way you feel good before you exercise and you can maintain good form and perform better.

I hope this helps you with your routine. Best wishes. =)

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