I am currently majoring in Health Administration…and?

I am almost done with school, i have been searching look for positions that are aplicable to the major I am currently pursuing, but most places require some sort of experience, how is it possible to obtain that experince when I have been attending school, and have not actually worked in the field? Is there anything I can do, that would help me? any advice please


You should get any internship/work experience at a health care center or hospital. I would also recommend getting involved in health-related research. I would apply for a job at a hospital, even if it's just as an Administrative Assistant or Receptionist. You could also do volunteer work at a healthcare center. Your first job might not be your “dream” job so you should get whatever work experience you can, and then potentially consider an MBA concentrating in Management or a Master's in Health Administration or Public Health. Your undergraduate major is great, and there is a demand for professionals to work in healthcare, but in order to get a managerial or supervision position you will most likely need a master's degree.

For now, get internship/volunteer experience at a hospital – this will help you long-term.

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