1. why shouldnt u have these vegetables raw ??? i am on a raw food vegan diet
    which advocates eating raw living foods with their enzymes intact –cooking
    would destroy the enzymes isnt it.confused here !

  2. I think she is a little confused here.. I like you i eat raw food .. and a
    feel just wonderful!

  3. WOW, this really helped!!!!! NOT!! She basically said the same things
    everyone else is saying.

  4. Chereese Alexander

    I so disagree w/ you IRT ppl w/ hypothyroidism not gaining weight due to
    the disease! I was diagnosed w/ Hashimotos Hypothyroidism a yr and a half
    ago and I gained an AWFUL, AWFUL lot of weight. And yes, it was due to
    hypothyroidism which largely affects the metabolism. If one is exhausted
    amongst other things that hypothyroidism causes, guess what they will not
    have the desire to workout. And when we do work out, most cases of
    hypothyroidism, not all … (cont)

  5. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  6. But if you take meds, it should be fine, right? I’ve been diagnosed with
    Hashimoto’s recently and I hope I can lose the weight I gained. 🙁

  7. Hi! Hoping all is well w/ you and that you’re handling your Hypothyroidism
    well. With the meds, and from my experience, once you’re on the rt dosage,
    you should begin to lose weight again. Should! It took 2yrs before I got on
    the right dosage. But once on the rt dosage I started to feel like myself
    again and started losing the weight. However, remember, everyone’s body is
    diff. So it may take you less or more time to get the rt dosage. What I did
    was ensure I took my meds first thing …

  8. (cont) … in the AM at the same time, got my lab work done every 6wks, saw
    my Endo afterwards. Watched what I ate and when my TSH lvls started
    dropping my weight slowly (again, slowly) started coming off. I started
    feeling like my old self again. So just make sure to listen to your doctor,
    ASK QUESTIONS, research for yourself and take your meds. Don’t compare self
    to others w/ this disease. And hopefully you’ll soon see a big difference.
    But even after you see a change and are on the rt

  9. (cont (2) … dosage, CONTINUE to take your meds, do what you’re supposed
    to and watch your lvls. Our numbers can change at any time for the
    good/worst. Pay attn to your body at ALL TIMES regardless of what anyone
    says. Good luck!

  10. Oh that’s good news. 🙂 Despite the fact that you had to wait 2 years. I’m
    lucky they found the disease quite early (kinda by coincidence), so there
    hasn’t been much harm done. I’m lucky I almost reached the right dose
    already (after only 2 months), so I hope I’ll start losing the weight soon.
    🙂 Thank you very much for your reply. 🙂

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