1. I dont understand why not over due water and drink coffee? Ive been reading
    caffeine is bad and wouldnt I be dehydrated if I drank coffee and had less
    water? so confused. please explain.

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  3. Sime suggestions dont make sence… It will need plenty of explaining

  4. Really? Increase saturated fats!? Thats really bad for you. Increase salt
    intake? Do you mean Iodine which is mostly consumed from iodized salt?
    There is no way to overdo the wáter unless you drink too much of anything.
    These are some seriously messed up tips.

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  6. Good job! increasing salt and saturated fat sure helps but also not cooking
    with oil. Also rice and bread are good

  7. Srry bro hate to bring it to you but what you say may very well not be
    true. Go check oiling of america

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