1. NaturalThyroidDoctor

    You definitely want something that is high in protein to begin the day. I
    personally have a protein shake that consists of two cups of purified
    water, one cup of mixed berries (blackberries, blueberries, and
    raspberries), some flax seed oil, about 5 grams of protein from a natural
    protein powder I use, along with a raw organic egg. So I’m not talking
    about an excessive amount of protein, but a good amount of protein to start
    the day.

  2. well do these tips also work with severe cases? because im 13 years old and
    my thyoid (tsh i think) is 495 and my doctors are afraid nothing will
    really help until i get my medicine straightened out, so will this really
    help in severe cases like mine?

  3. NaturalThyroidDoctor

    While these natural thyroid treatment methods have helped people with
    severe cases of hypothyroidism, of course no doctor can guarantee results.

  4. spaceanduniverse27

    Thanks for posting this video! I too suffer from hypothyroidism and used to
    take Levothyroxin 75mcg once daily. I have ran out of medication and have
    lost my health insurance, so I am at a loss and really don’t know what to
    do as my household income is only around $800-$1000 a month. I have also
    been told that I have a hormonal imbalance (high estrogen & low
    progesterone) and insulin resistant. I gain weight no matter what and have
    fertility problems. Do you have any advice for my situation?

  5. i just found out that i have this today from a blood exam

  6. Freakin awesome tips! Totally makes sense, as my thyroid levels and hormone
    levels went out of whack at the same time!

  7. this has been very helpful!!

  8. What kind of doctor will be able to check my thyroid and hormonal imbalance?

  9. milk thistle- drink that herb. It corrects the estrogen dominance. also,
    avoid soy.

  10. @NaturalThyroidDoctor for me, scrambled eggs with sauteed down spinach,
    does the trick. no expensive protein powder that’s made up of what…

  11. Curious…the cost of consultation with a thyroid specialist as yourself
    +costs of buying monthly vitamins,etc + saliva tests and questionarre?
    Right now a levothyroxine pill daily is cheap. Love to restore my
    thyroid/adrenals…but sounds pricey. That is why ppl go to stores *DIY*. I
    may be forced to try on my own. Depends on costs.

  12. Ok.just read your faq on website. No insurance coverage for tests and
    supplements. $195 for consult. Yes. Too *waaay* pricey. No wonder ppl go to
    stores to do it on their own. Shame. Our society does not support ppl
    trying to heal,to take charge of own lives. Shame. Oh well..I will do it
    alone. Thanks anyway.

  13. Would this help with congenital hypothyroidism?

  14. What can people do that have had 1/2 of their Thyroids removed (no cancer ,
    just a nodule gut the doctor said oh lets be safe and remove it anyways,
    can we say Nieve?) or those who have had Graves Disease and the Doctors
    advised Radioactive Iodine capsules and now they do not have an operative
    Thyroid ( Guine Pig?)? Could you speak on these extremes? What would be the
    signs of health issues to be concerned with?

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  18. What if you are always nauseous upon waking and feel sick? Maybe its
    stomach acid.. I’m not sure. I have trouble eating anything and sometimes
    drinking certain things in the morning because I’m so sick to my stomach. I
    thought that maybe the hypothyroid caused that? It goes in random phases.

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  25. Lynn Allison Nelson

    It’s a shame that Dr. Eric has not erased Marcel Browns link. This guy is
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    Eric, you should remove any and all links that go to sales pitches. I
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