1. First !

  2. Champion Tim reveals how he learned from his mistakes to take a title.

  3. arent they muscle models?

  4. charming smile and perfect abs result champion

  5. the best are here Fit Model i love your channel 

  6. fuuu

  7. Наиль Лукманов

    что за походка, уебок 

  8. Wtf, they look like they were getting ready for Men’s Physique not Fitness

  9. Пидрилка

  10. I’m dreaming about that, one day. 

  11. great video buddy

  12. Good on you pal! You deserved it 🙂 hope you all the best! 

  13. Great competition 

  14. To me you always look awesome

  15. Great look! Awesome!!

  16. #119,well done mate.Hope 2014 is gonna be big for u

  17. Damn, what a symmetrical abs just perfect

  18. Glad quite a few people like the video. Scary stuff being interviewed for
    the first time whilst being filmed. Hit me up on Twitter @Tim_Chase1 to
    follow my journey to my next competition.

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