How To Use Makeup Right & Look Great!

by Sarah Mia
(Boston, Mass. USA)

For most women, being in a cosmetics and makeup store is much like a child would feel in a candy shop. There’s just so many good things around but you don’t know where to start! However, just as it is with having too much candy, too much makeup can cause undesirable results.

“Less is more” is a practical makeup mantra – which means makeup is to enhance your natural appearance, not to create an artificial one.

One way of knowing if you wear too much makeup is by being aware of other people’s reactions when you don’t have your makeup on. They should not be able to discern whether you are wearing makeup or not.

If they aren’t, then you’re practically a master at your makeup routine. But, if people can readily tell you’re wearing makeup then perhaps you should look at these tips on how to use makeup to make a natural look your best one.

1. Skin care
Your skin’s natural glow is your best makeup. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help the skin retain its moisture and elasticity. Keep your skin clean; never forget to wash your face before going to bed. Use light moisturizers regularly for your face and neck.

2. Foundation, concealer, and powder
For foundation, use shades that complement, not cover, your skin color. Apply them evenly over your face and neck. Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation. Powder can either be used as a substitute for foundation or to set your makeup.

3. Eye shadow, liners, mascara
Emphasizing eyes adds drama and impact to your face, but don’t to go overboard by emphasizing them too much. For day wear, a light liner and some eye shadow will do. At night, you can add a bit more color by using darker shades of liner, eye shadow, as well as mascara to lengthen the lashes.

4. Rouge
Some women tend to place rouge directly on the cheekbones in a round pattern; this effect only works on kewpie dolls. For women like you, lightly brush rouge upward from the base of your cheekbones, across the cheekbones and then toward the temples.

5. Lipstick
A bare or subtle shade is best for the daytime and it saves you the need to line your lips. Lip liners give a more contoured shape as well as help ‘keep in” the stronger shades of lipstick used for night wear.

Makeup exists to accentuate your face’s positive features; so take the time to know what those are and use these tips to help you put your best face forward.

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Updated: March 9, 2014 — 4:22 pm

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