How to Use an Elliptical Trainer

by Eva Martinez
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

One of the very best types of gym equipment that you could have is the elliptical trainer; this is a stationary piece of exercise equipment but this can simulate things such as bicycling, walking and even running all in one machine.

These trainers are designed so that the joints in the body are put under less pressure and stopping people from getting frequently injured. The elliptical trainer, can feel somewhere between a cross country ski machine, a bike as well as a stair stepper – that is true and it is so beneficial for many to use.

For an elliptical trainer, this can bring about the best possible results without making you feel as though you cannot move because of the pain. Your legs are improved because they sway forward and back as does your arms so that this burns calories off without having to put too much work into this.

When it comes to how to use an elliptical trainer then the best thing to do is to start off with a warm up exercise. Don’t just jump onto the trainer and start your time there, try doing a few sit ups or leg stretches can be a great way to warm up and your body is ready for the workout ahead.

Try to look at how this equipment should be used for some first time users, don’t rush through it, and try to see what is the best way of starting this equipment out so that you can get a good work out without stopping and starting trying to figure out how things work. You could even just read a few simple start up instructions on the equipment itself and just take it slowly.

Approach the machine and start in a position you are comfortable with as well as it being the right position; step on the pedals and remember that you should be facing the console at all times. You should also stand up straight and be comfortable at all times; make sure the feet are on the pedals and take a hold of the handles also.

Now you can turn the trainer on and find which program you want to try first; the monitor will switch itself on when you pedal and move your arms also. You could go for one of the preset programs or put in one of your own. The console will show you some info over the workout you about to do as well as the calories that you can burn and the heart rate also.

Now you can start the workout, start pedaling forward so that there should be no strain on the knees now and you can use the handle bars to make it seem that you are actually running. This can really add to the intensity of the exercise without the strain, but when it comes to stopping, try not to stop dead but slowly. That way there will not be any injuries to your knees and try to wait until the pedals have stopped before you step off the equipment also.

If you can last on the elliptical trainer for at least twenty or more minutes then that is very good; if you cant then it is not such a big deal, you can build yourself up to that eventually. It is very difficult to get used to this way of exercise so it doesn’t matter if you don’t reach twenty minutes on the trainer, if you only get to ten even fifteen minutes, that is still good. You can just keep on doing what you have been and you will see some good results soon enough.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 12:35 pm

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