How to Use a Natural Iron Supplement

by Sabina Mendez
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

In everyone’s bodies, having iron is something which we all need to have; it is an essential part of our lives and keeping our bodies fit & healthy.

Iron is a very important part because the oxygen in our bodies is taken into our cells because of the iron present; it carries the oxygen when it first arrives in our bodies to all our cells around our bodies keeping our bodies able to continue with our lives day after day. Without this, we wouldn’t be a very well person and our overall well being manages because of the iron in our bodies.

Iron gives our blood the dark red color but there are still so many people around the world that suffer from lack of iron in the body – they are iron deficient which for some is a very dangerous condition to have.

It won’t be so damaging if you have just become iron deficient but soon it will start to get out of control because in women it can be because they have anemia or are prone to getting that. However, if an iron supplement is taken then the deficiency is really stopped and there is nothing to worry about but for iron, it’s a difficult thing at times, the body doesn’t always take to absorbing it very well and for many, taking in iron from our food sources does not always stay in the body but needs up being passed through the system which is not what the body needs to have happen.

The body can absorb the iron from an iron supplement called ferrous sulphate but the body will only take in a small amount of iron from that, it could be as low as three percent or as high as ten percent which is not very impressive. If the body gets too much iron then the body will not react very well to that, the body can produce pains in the stomach area, feeling sick and being sick violently, have constipation or even diarrhea with blood present. If too much iron is taken and the body is overdosed on that then it has a massive risk of cancers forming in the body even Parkinson’s disease is a possibility of overdosing of iron.

There are many natural forms of iron supplements to take which have low doses of iron in them and will be best absorbed into the body meaning less risk to worry about also.

The first is Blackstrap molasses, this really does have a great iron content, the number is high and it will stop that possibility of anemia forming. The iron forms in the body and the blackstrap molasses also has an improved amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium in them which will make sure the blood sugar in the body is at a good stable level.

For children to take this at the ages of seven to thirteen then they should only take one teaspoon full of the blackstrap molasses for three times a week and nothing more. For adults however, they should take one teaspoon full of blackstrap molasses every day.

There are also minerals that can be taken so that the iron can absorb better in the body, things such as fructose, malic acid, and even vitamin C are good to help the body absorb the iron. Even eating fruit, all different types of fruit because they do have a lot of malic acid in them which is good for the body, whereas lactic acid is easily found in yoghurts and even milk; and for vitamin C, this can be found in parsley, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts and even blackcurrants. However Vitamin C is really one of the best forms of elements that the body does need to have and it is very important that the body gets a good amount of this.

For iron rich food, which is also a great natural way of getting that important amount of iron in the body also; eating iron rich food is great, this can some in many things however. Things such as pumpkin seeds, cooked cockles, curry powder, fortified breakfast cereals, brewer’s yeast and even kelp, yes kelp is one source of food which is absolutely perfect to eat if you want to intake more iron.

However there are many other iron supplements available like ferrous sulphate because they are a non haem supplement which is great for the body because it will allow the body to absorb more than thirty five percent of iron. Taking something such as Flordix Iron supplement can increase the iron in the body.

When it comes to in taking any sort of iron supplements then you really should always follow the directions that were set out for the amount of dosage to be taken.

Always speak to a doctor if you are unsure or worried about the dosage and remember never give a child iron supplements without their doctor knowing first or them issuing the dosage, children can get iron poisoning very easily.

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Updated: December 28, 2013 — 11:02 am

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