How to Teach Your Kids to Run

by Sabina Mendez
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

Everyone needs to exercise including children; this is something which can be simple which can be done for just a few minutes every day. Many children are obese today and for many they cannot help that, one big cause to them becoming obese is because the children don’t get enough exercise every day; however encouraging your kids to go out and exercise and be a little wise to your physical well being can really help them even if it is just to run for a few minutes every day. Running can really make sure that the body gets a full workout, and the best thing is that it can get the kids into a good physical wellbeing.

This is how you can teach kids to run; the best thing to do is to set an example so use yourself as the test subject because getting your children to come out and run with you can really be the best option to getting them motivated. If you run and get your kids to join you then you are setting a good example for your kids, you can show them how to show a sense of discipline.

You can also try to prepare for the future by having an active lifestyle, try to cut down on some of the so called lazy activities such as watching TV or even on the computer. They have to be balanced so try to get them into sports and not to stop them watching TV or go on the computer at all, you want them to enjoy all.

Of course there has to be really an age limit which you should start to get the kids to run, going to runs with children which are under five is not a good idea. You should wait for a few years before you get them interested in sports, you could instead play games with them like catch which still involved them to run a little.

For little children, it really is not a good idea to get them running from a very young age, they could get hurt and really you want to make sure that your children’s muscles are developed properly before you get them to run. Jogging ever now and again could be a way to start but don’t overdo it however.

When the kids are young and are not interested in learning about stamina and speed, just make running fun for a good few years and when they are getting older, that is when you should start to talk to them about how serious running is. Talk to them about speed as well as stamina also; tell them that they can’t run for miles on end because your child could get injured. If you see a lot of potential in them with their running then go to a professional trainer and see what they think, they are the best judges.

When you run then it can be fun at times and it can engage you – anyone also, if you can find time to run with your kids for a few moments in the day then you can use that time to bond with them.

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Updated: February 23, 2014 — 2:59 pm

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