How to Teach Homeschool Fitness

Family fitness is really a big issue these days. The computer, video games, television, mp3 players… there is a huge competition over the attention of our children. I personally, find it easier to just require them to turn it off – or I just don’t buy it for them… but putting that aside how do we get our kids motivated to actively play or at least get some fresh air? Many parents are really concerned these days. Their children are gaining weight, and don’t really want to play outside. The old fashioned idea of playing outside until your momma calls you for dinner is almost completely outdated… or is it? I think a good dose of old fashioned life may be just what the Doctor ordered. Kids need to get outside – get fresh air – learn how to play together – use their amazing creativity and imagination! Good old fashioned play helped form and fashion our children into responsible, grateful citizens – I know that I learned a lot from playing outside… just me and my bicycle – and maybe a few old scraps of wood and our dog!

1) More is caught than taught. Your children are watching you. Do you get up, get moving, and get fit? I can almost guarantee that your little ones will want to exercise if they see you doing it regularly. ( My 7 year old asks me everyday if she can workout with me. It’s fun to them…)

2) Give them plenty of opportunity to go outside… don’t be a parent who is scared to death of dirt… it washes off! Let them go outside and play till they are sweaty, stinky, and dirty! They will naturally get exercise, and they will sleep great later! (and they can get a shower before bed…)

3) Aren’t athletically inclined? Take your kids to get lessons… swim lessons, baseball lessons, karate lessons… there are lots of opportunities here…

4) Plan to have one day a week where everyone gets outside and does something physical together. You can ride bicycles (my favorite) or have a yard clean up day. Whatever fits your lifestyle needs…

5) Add fitness to your homeschool plan… if you make it part of school it might actually become a habit. I find it easier to add it to my list – to make sure it gets done! There are some great ideas… you can meet friends at the park – play an organized game of baseball or kickball – play frisbee – take a nature walk -do a family workout – learn a new sport like badminton or soccer.

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