How to Take Multi-Power Creatine Powder

by Anna Butros
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Everyone’s body will lose energy quickly when someone does any high intensity workouts, which is why it is very important to make sure your body consumes protein!.

Anyone who does a lot of high intensity workouts should always make sure that they have an intake of whey protein after these workouts. However, whey protein is not just the only way in which you can take protein and keeps the body going, taking multi-power creatine powder is another substitute to take.

With energy levels becoming depleted, it is very important for you to take this multi-power creatine because this will actually bring energy back to the muscles in the body; this way, you are able to continue with your workouts but at the same time not sacrificing any muscles getting tired quickly either.

However, when you are taking this powder it will only work properly if this has been taken correctly and if not then you and anyone else who takes this incorrectly will not find it does any good for them. The question is, ‘how should you take this multi-power creatine powder correctly?’ There are many ways in which anyone could take this creatine;

• Regular and Pre-Load

For pre-load, this would be the way that you take creatine powder when using this for the first time; this will make sure the body and muscles gets the energy to the right place. Your body will also soon get to know and understand that the body has an intake of this creatine in their body and soon enough, the body will start to get used to it also; but the amount should not go over five grams each day for seven days. For pre-load, you should spread out the five grams with two servings or even four servings every day.

For regular use, this will come after the pre-load stage; the creatine will need to be taken for the next three weeks after the pre-load stage for up to five weeks but no more than that time. Every result will be different however so the body might take a little quicker to the powder but it might take a little longer and really for this particular stage, it will be in a maintenance stage also. For the three to five weeks, the powder will have to be taken twice a day, seven days a week with two grams of the creatine.

*It is a very important thing to remember here, you should always stop taking the creatine powder after the pre-load and the regular stages have passed for one month – four weeks will be the appropriate time in which you should stop taking the creatine. After that, you can go ahead once more and take the creatine once more but go for the pre-load stage once more.*

*Helpful Tips*

You should have now gotten used to this creatine powder and if that is the case then you must now know how you should take it when you are working out as well as eating other foods also.

1. Before and after your workouts; before you have any breakfast in the morning, you should take the creatine then but make sure that you only take this on the days in which you are going to workout. After the workout is completed, creatine should be taken once again and try to take this with the drink you take after – your post workout shake would be best to take this with.

2. To mix it; you should take your creatine powder and add that with foods such as cottage cheese, some yoghurts, cereals or even adding with oatmeal. If you are not particularly favorable to the taste of the powder then add to a food such as the ones mentioned above, but the powder can actually be added and mixed in with some drinks also such as post workout shakes. However, it can be also mixed in with things such as water or fruit juices also, the powder will have to be stirred into the drink and then the drink should be ready to be consumed.

3. Creatine can be taken with carbohydrates also; if this is the route for you then it could be the best solution for the powder because taking carbohydrates can really help the body more especially be effective with this powder. With carbohydrates filling the body, it will allow the body to absorb faster and be in the end, the best result for the body.

If you are taking in a lot of high intensity workouts then taking supplements such as multi-power creatine powder is very important but this should be taken how it has been directed to you. If you are not sure however then don’t be afraid to ask your local doctor or health adviser about this just in case because you take want to overdo the dosage, which is very important to know and to remember.

If you are taking this then do not change the dose that you are currently taking or stated to you because any health professional will always tell you that is not an option that you should be thinking about. If you do change the dose then there is a very high risk of having any number of serious side effects.

Remember to keep on drinking a lot of water when you are consuming creatine, this is really going to make sure that the powder will be flushed through the body and be effective. The kidneys will take to the powder very easily when you keep on drinking a lot of water every day which you should be drinking every day anyway but this is something that really should be followed.

Please also remember to seek the advice of your Doctor or Physician before undertaking changes in diets or the use of supplements.

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Updated: March 24, 2013 — 4:26 pm

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