How To Successfully Recover From A Breakup

by Gilly Brewster
(California, USA)

The road to a breakup can be long and hard. It can be extremely difficult physically, mentally and emotionally when you’re first coming into your new life. A truth that can not be ignored. However, even in pain you can begin to rebuild your life and move on. That is, when you know how to do it!.

You must first come to understand that it’s going to take some time. The timing is all up to you. Everyone is an individual and we all deal with breakups in different ways. Some people need a lot of time while others need very little. Give yourself time to heal and to adjust to your new life. Don’t make rash decisions during this process and don’t give up. Your hear will mend and over time you’ll find happiness in places you never thought to before.

During the process of healing keep in mind to be logical. When you involved your emotions you become confused but logic can give you a clear path of understanding of what went wrong, and why. This is very crucial during your first weeks of the breakup. Emotions can not be trusted!.

Logic should reign in its place. A logical step to take is to close the relationship for good. You can write a letter and send it to them, or you can just write the letter and be done with it. Whatever you feel you need to do to finally end the relationship. Closure is a logical step in recovery.

Once you have closure and you know the relationship is finish begin moving on. Some people take on new hobbies while others jump right intothe “singles market”. I don’t recommend the latter. Especially when you’re still mending over your last relationship. If you aren’t the type to take up a hobby, go out with friends. See movies and make dates with your best friends. If you choose to go out with your friends, ask them not to speak to you about him or her. If you can’t ask them, avoid talking about it. They’ll get the hint.

Now that you’re going out with your friends or you have a new hobby, plan. Start planning for your future. Write down goals and dreams and take steps to complete them. Your future is open with endless possibilities.There is no reason you to limit yourself. The world is yours!

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Updated: February 16, 2014 — 1:16 am

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