1. i love your story so much because i’m around your same starting weight, 223
    actually and i want to be 123 like you are that has actually been my goal
    weight. 🙂 you look awesome

  2. I like what you said We Are All Beautiful In All Different Shapes And

  3. thanks u for this video I say I will lose wright and never do but I will
    keep in mind never give up on yourself thanks 🙂 love you girl

  4. Wow you teach people how to lose weight & I teach people how to gain
    weight. nice poster!

  5. I seriously disagree with your methods of weight loss BUT, damn if your
    head isnt in the right place. Good for you. Seriously.

  6. i will doooooo the same as yu!! u look beautiful

  7. I am confident you will maintain your weight loss forever with your
    positive attitude. you are young and now is the time to do it. I am an old
    lady now and have hundreds of pounds to lose..I am glad I ran across your
    channel…quite refreshing. good luck to you.

  8. My name is Marie by the way. Im going to start up my channel soon. So sub
    me if you can hun. Take care, God Bless.

  9. Sorry but I hate almond milk I don’t drink milk at all I take vitamins
    everyday. And thank you I know I can due this it going to be hard due to a
    bad back and now I am having pains in the neck and shoulder on my right
    side time to go c my dr

  10. Can you tell me what supplements and vitamins that you took everyday,
    Because I am going to start your diet tomorrow! I am so happy that I came
    across your youtube because I love how show that you can do it if you put
    your mind to it!

  11. wow , you lost a lot pounds . I saw other videos and I can see your
    transformation . Congratulation 

  12. you’ve done such an amazing job = ) you have been so strong and
    no that you have lost the weight how do you eat not?
    what made you decide on that specific meal plan ?

  13. You have such a positive attitude! You have made me very motivated to
    continue on my own journey.

  14. You are seriously the link to change my life.. I’m on my phone so I can’t
    inbox you. Is there a good email address to reach you. I’m starting your
    diet plan tomorrow.. Please respond 🙂 

  15. You look great. I want to know your exercise routine.

  16. How tall are you and do you have loose skin from your weight loss?

  17. you look so so so amazing!!! wow much love and respect girly!

  18. Looking great!!!!

  19. You are such an inspiration and so beautiful.. thank u so much for taking
    ur time to make these videos for us! Plz come back to youtube!

  20. I love * Weight loss grean store -*-*0 tea. I generally loose 5 pounds
    after about 3 days when using. After seein my change, my sister
    ordered for herself from weightlossgreen store

  21. You are my inspiration i am 13 years old weight 190 pounds and i am
    watching all of you videos because my new years resolution is to lose at
    least 70 pounds by 2015 and you are seriously the one i will look at when i
    feel like i cant do it i <3 u!

  22. congrats on your weight loss journey I love your determination very
    inspiring.I notice you stated you did 3-4 hours of calories a day how did
    you maintain your energy daily.

  23. I’m so glad I found your channel because my new year’s resolution is to
    lose weight and be more healthy 🙂 

  24. AngelEntertainment1

    You are so inspirational! I found your videos after deciding to start my
    New Years Resolution early. You really have motivated me! You did great! I
    love your attitude. Don’t listen to naysayers about the way you achieved
    your goals. You succeeded and look healthy to me. Losing weight is about
    the individual and what works for them. Now, I am quite a lot older than
    you and I know my body, so I will not do the sweet cereal as it will make
    me want more sweets. I think young people have an advantage in handling
    sugar more than older people. But, I love your other tips and I am starting
    today :D

  25. thank you so much for making this video 🙂 i wrote down all the tips and
    I’m going to start my journey first thing tomorrow morning. you are such a
    beautiful girl and it is such a relief to have someone understand what its
    like to be in a funk like this. being overweight has made me so depressed
    hopefully with time getting healthy will make me more positive. you’re an
    inspiration <3 thank you thank you 

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