How to Pop a Pimple Correctly?

English: A picture of blackheads from a 14 yea...

English: A picture of blackheads from a 14 year old male. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to pop a pimple correctly….they say one should leave a pimple undisturbed and let it heal by itself. At best some home remedies are advocated. But what does one do if you have a pimple that is ready to pop right in the middle of your cheeks!.

You pop it yourself of course! But if you must pop a pimple by yourself, you must know the right way of doing so. Else you do the run of risk of infecting yourself or blemishing your skin. Here is the lowdown on how to pop a pimple correctly.

The first thing you need to know when you are asking how to pop a pimple correctly is that you should only attempt to pop those which have distinct white head. If it does not have a white head, and it really red an large, you must never attempt to pop it.

Nothing is going to come out of the exercise and instead you will make the pain much worse, as well as increase the chances of scarring. So here the steps you need to follow when you are trying to pop a pimple by yourself.

Cleanliness is primary

Before you set out popping a pimple, ensure that your face and hands are clean and scrubbed. If you pop a pimple with unwashed hands you run the risk of infecting the effected area.

The area should be supple

When you are readying to pop a pimple, make sure that the area is soft and supple. The best time to do it is after you have had a shower. But if you do not have the time to take a shower, dampen the area with a lukewarm washcloth for at least a minute.

What you should use

Some people recommend using sterilized needles (by dipping it in alcohol) or Qtips to pop pimples, but if you were to ask us, we would say that neither is a good idea. Needles on a human body should be used only by medical practitioners, and with a Qtip it is hard to get a grip. We recommend you use your own fingertips (use your index fingers)  after you have wrapped them in clean tissue paper.

Time to squeeze!

In a gentle and confident motion squeeze the pimple from both sides. Remember to squeeze it upwards, else it may sink into your skin and cause further ruptures. If your pimple is ready to pop out, you should not have to apply much force. If you find yourself applying force, you can be sure that the pimple is not ready to pop yet, and you need to try in some more time.

After the pimple is popped

After the job is done, remember to clean out the area with a cleansing pad or a toner that has an alcohol base. Once the pimple is gone from your face, you can be assured that you have job well done. The indication of this is some liquid or blood oozing out of the affected area.

A pimple popping may sound like it is an incredibly easy task, but if it is not done properly you might just end up in the emergency room with an infection!



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