How To Minimize The Stress In Your Life

by Donald Raddell
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Before we try handling stress let us first understand what stress is all about. Stress is just about anything that causes us to become tense and uptight. Stress can be due to positive or negative events. Take two scenarios.

The first scenario shows your company on the verge of bankruptcy and you have no money left to pay for your child’s operation. The second scenario shows you just completing a great deal of arduous work to close the deal that would bring in millions.

In the first case, your stress forebodes gloom and despair while in the second case, it is stress that will bring about success. However, in both cases, you encounter stress.

Stress can come in different forms. It can arise due to anxiety, environment, fatigue or even psychological expectations. Stress can also build up from our imagination or at times even from our dreams.

Whenever you feel tense, try to take a step back and assess objectively the causes for the stress. This is good advice but in retrospect, it appears easier said than done. It is hard to calm people under duress and in a highly emotional state of mind. How can a person who is under great pressure, on his own volition, take a deep breath, step back and objectively assess the situation? Here are some ways that you could try.

Walk it out. Look at the scenery. People take long walks and think things over. Eventually, they may understand the reasons for the tension and find ways of minimizing, if not eliminating the causes. As a side benefit, walking is a good exercise.

Talk it over with people who are not involved in the situations. A fresh mind can inspire innovative ideas which may have not been considered before. Naturally, the person has to be fairly close to you or at least is concerned with your well being. It may be impractical to discuss the subject with people who are not interested in helping you.

Medication is another way of handling the emotions. It may alleviate or lessen the tension at that moment. It will not cure the tension but it might help relax you to the point that you can objectively assess the situation and hopefully determine the causes for the tension.

Exercise may be of help to some individuals but be careful as too much may result in overexertion and physical strain. Meditation is another option to clear one’s mind and relax the body.

Stress will definitely come to each of us in one form or another. It is part of one’s life. We may not be able to eliminate it from our lives but we can certainly face it with calm and resolution.

Try to maintain a cheerful attitude. Be optimistic and try to maintain a positive outlook on life. Always look for the silver lining. Remember, it’s not the stress that matters but rather how you handle the stress.

Learning powerful stress management techniques to relax and reduce stress in your life is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. These stress management tips will help you to achieve a state of balance to live a better and happier life.

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Updated: December 19, 2013 — 12:21 pm

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