How To Manage Your Hunger Pangs

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

You need to be more watchful of your weight now more than ever. But then, you find yourself reaching for that third slice of pizza when you know your metabolism slows down as you age!.

Knowing the signals for hunger, the cues for stress eating, and what triggers your cravings will help you tame your impulsiveness. With all the energy you devote to the struggle for weight control, you know remarkable little about the most obvious reasons as to why diets fail: you feel the hunger.

What’s going on when you body tells you that you have to get your hands on that slice of cake even though you’ve got plenty of fat stores to pull from? Why can some people go without eating for hours while others freak out when they miss a snack?

Researchers are currently hard at work investigating this most basic of human impulses. However, the task is obviously not as easy. After all, there are still many people suffering from obesity.

You may have been constantly at work the entire morning. You only realize that you haven’t taken anything when you hear your stomach groan and complain. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking of some treats you can have to get you feeling better. You’re hungry once more after a couple of hours. But how? And why?

The why actually makes sense. For most of the history of man, food was always in short supply. And if you didn’t eat when you could, there was a good chance that you’d be left out to starve.

This is when the survival of the fittest came into play, and probable where the idea of the early bird getting the worm came from. This survival strategy is no longer applicable today. It’s important to note that the drive to eat as much as you could, whenever you could, has spawned long before junk became available in the market.

Now that hunting and gathering has a whole lot more to do with sample sales and procreating, the drive to survive takes you straight to the fast food restaurants and vending machines.

This has to stop right now. This may be more difficult than ever because historically and maybe genetically, you’re not really supposed to.

This makes one big genetic inconvenience. You simply have to understand how instinct works if you want a better grip on handling you hunger pangs.

You may want to look at your hormones for this. The level rises when you haven’t eaten in a while and falls after you munch on something. No matter how you weight, when certain hormones rise, you feel hungry. You can control the rise and fall of your hormones by simply eating right.

Pretty soon, your body will adjust to what you eat. There should be a healthy balance between complex carbohydrates and lean meat. That way, your willpower will be stronger than ever.

Though you may be older, you will impress the younger generation with the kind of discipline you have. Plus, you’ll have the type of body everyone will admire.

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Updated: March 24, 2014 — 5:37 am

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