How to Lose Weight in a Week and Keep it Off Secret Revealed in New Video from Health Nutrition News

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 22, 2013

Dieters usually look at a one week diet as just a crash and burn diet program where there is pointless rebound weight gain as soon as it ends. However, the Health Nutrition News experts explain how this diet is different and works with the body’s metabolism to eliminate that lost weight permanently.

The video “How to Lose Weight in a Week”, released by Health Nutrition News covers how based on the science of the body’s metabolism a dieter can optimize their own fat burning potential and shed weight safely and quickly. The experts explain how this weight loss program was created for users who want to

see quick results and not for weightwatchers who hop on the scale every week hoping it may have moved one or two pounds.

The video provides user testimonials as evidence of success. One dieter lost a total of 53 pounds and dropped 20% of it in the first week. Gail said, “I couldn’t believe how quickly I lost weight, and the diet tips, advice, and support I received from other dieters was fantastic.”

A free copy of the diet users followed to lose weight in a week is available for a limited time here at this link: http://healthnutritionnews.org/one-day-diet.

The one day diet plan utilizes the body’s natural fat burning ability and provides other weight loss secrets to optimize weight loss goals.

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