1. Hi Sya, it will help to reduce your milk intake slightly. Again, have
    everything in moderation. That’s the best way. =)

  2. Hi Keahualani, if you are trying to lose weight, try not to eat too close
    to bed time, especially starchy carbs like pasta, potatoes, white rice,
    sugar, etc. This will spike your insulin level and because we are very
    inactive during sleep, there’s nowhere for the stored energy (body fat) to
    go or be used. Go for high fiber carbs instead, fruits or veggies. =)

  3. of course!

  4. Hi Vanessa, losing weight is 80% nutrition. If you eat less than your body
    burns, you will be looking at losing between 1-2lbs per week. =)

  5. Hi Carmin, perhaps it’s worth looking at her current lifestyle and food
    intake? Is she quite active and eat pretty healthy, right portion? It’s
    also worth to speak to your local GP and get his/her advice. =)

  6. itz nota going to work out ! 😛

  7. Health Slim Fit Mom

    Very nice!!! I’m going to definitely start asap with your advice and also
    exercise 🙂

  8. Your accent is so cute ^.^

  9. I feel I could lose weight if I lived alone. I’m 17 and live with my gram,
    I don’t have money to buy my own groceries and I feel awkward asking for
    healthier foods. My sister for some reason acts like it’s a big deal if I
    ask for foods ONLY for myself.

  10. Do you think you can make me a calendar on what I should specifically eat
    each day? I would really appreciate it a lot.

  11. Johanna What’s Your website ?

  12. Eating too few carbs causes fat storage? I’m sorry, but that’s not how
    ketosis works…

  13. if i am accustomed to eating a full meal at lunch, what should i be eating
    between breakfast and lunch?

  14. This lady is amazing


    is noodels good food?

  16. thanks mam

  17. 1-sex
    4-sauna XD i dunno

  18. Mary Meyan Malabanan

    hello, i’m 18 and i’m really trying to lose weight, i just want to ask if
    Fitbar as a snack conducive to losing weight…

  19. Hodge twins says no

  20. Thank you so much for your video! It really helped me understand why people
    say to eat more often and also why cutting carbs out completely is a bad
    thing. Thank!

  21. I would like to try.

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    effective. BTW, anyone here tried “GARCINIA CAMBOGIA RUSH(.)COM” i’m just
    curious because most of my friends ordered it at that site.

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  24. hi jana,i like your video so much
    i was120k.g i fallow adiet &i lost weight .i was 69 before 4monthes &i stop
    so i gain wieght now iam 79
    i can’t controle my self i can’t stop eating &i don’t have money to fallow
    special diet. Can u help me

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