How to Lose Weight Doing 100 Pushups and 100 Burpees in a Circuit Training Routine

Reading the title, you might be wondering, exactly how do you lose weight with just pushups and burpees? That’s only 2 exercises and doing each for 100 reps in one workout. You can do this program anywhere, at home or in the gym. Sounds tough, convenient, or easy? But what exactly is a burpee? Losing fat weight doesn’t have to be a hard process. You don’t need all those fancy exercise equipment or complex routines and diets to slim down and lose fat. Using body weight exercises is sufficient if you know what you’re doing and how to implement the right process. This process is simple and effective by combining the right protocols of sets, repetitions, and frequency. Here’s a no-nonsense program utilizing just the pushup and the burpee in a circuit conditioning approach for fast fat loss and a stronger, fitter body.

First, let’s give some quick instructions on performing a burpee and a pushup. Most people do these exercises incorrectly. The key to actually targeting the muscles and obtaining the training effect of increasing strength, endurance, and shedding fat is to do the exercises and movements correctly, otherwise, there’s no point in training at all. Why bother with working out if you’re not going to take the time to learn the exercises and then do them properly? The training effect of as faster, stronger, leaner, and fitter body is what we’re all after. Now here are the simple instructions for the push up and the burpee.

Performing the Push Up

The pushup is a fairly common exercise that you’ve probably done many times when you’re young during gym and physical education class. Not a tricky exercise here.

1. Drop to the ground and get into a plank holding position with the elbows locked and holding straight. Place your palms down and pressed onto the floor and legs out. Keep the legs together. Keep your eyes looking down. Maintain a straight back.

2. Next, bend at the elbows and lower your body down until the upper arms are parallel or at least almost parallel with respect to the floor.

3. Come back up and lock your elbows. This completes one full repetition.

Now, if you’re not strong enough to do the push up unassisted, you can drop the knees to the ground to make it easier to complete one full repetition. After you’ve gotten stronger, you can let the knees up and use the unassisted form.

Performing the Burpee

1. With your eyes looking forward, stand up straight and have arms by your side. Stand in a relaxed position with good posture (lower back slightly bent and shoulders pulled back). Start bending at the hips and then squat down simultaneously until your fingers are touching the floor. This will be your starting position.

2. Next, thrust your legs back and keep them together while lowering your palms to the ground at the same time. YOu’re now in the beginning position of a push up, the plank position. Don’t let the hips fall to the floor. Keep a straight back. Look down on the ground.

3. Bend your elbows slowly as if you’re going to do a push up. Then do a full pushup by lowering the entire body towards the ground until the upper arms are near or past parallel to the ground. In other words, use a full range of motion or go as deep as you can. No cheating on the pushup portion.

4. Come back up to complete the push up. As you push yourself up back to the starting position, bring the legs up and towards you as stated in step 1 (squatting position)

5. Using as much force as possible, quickly jump as high as you can from this squatting position. Jump as high as you can. land on the toes to complete the repetition. This is one full repetition.

The entire exercise should be fluid and continuous without stopping for more than 2 seconds betwen each step. When you first do the burpee movement, do it slow to get the mechanics down. Practice on a soft ground and then go right ahead to doing it fast when you actually do the program outlined below. The pushup movement should also be fluid and continuous. Forboth movements, avoid using any excessive jerkiness or momentum. No cheating allowed.

Here’s the program where you combine both the push up and the burpee into an efficient and effect weight loss routine using the circuit and conditioning approaches. This program uses a fast-paced circuit approach that will boost your fat loss efforts and results. Keep up with the program for 8-12 weeks and expect to see pounds of fat coming off the body. 100 repetitions is the magic number here. The goal is to do 100 repetitions of each exercise in one workout.

The program calls for alternating rep and set protocols. This means you will aim to complete 100 push ups and 100 burpees every other workout, no matter how tired you get. This scheme ensures you build up cardiovascular endurance and strengthe endurance to burn lots of calories during and after the workouts. There will also be a time limit imposed so that you don’t waste too much time. This also provides quite a challenge.

You’ll do the workouts 3 times a week following a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. Leave Tuesday, Thursday,and the weekends off or you can do some light cardiovascular exercising like biking, jogging, or swimming on those days.

Day 1- Monday

Burpees- do 100 reps in under 40 minutes. Break it down into many small mini-sets. Try to do 3-5 reps per set and work your way up until you finish all 100 repetitions. The goal is complete every repetition in 40 minutes or less. If you can’t during the first workout, no worries. Just keep on training and eventually you’ll beat the 40 minutes time limit.

It’s also a good idea to set a stop watch or timer. Then during the next workout, you’ll know the time to beat. For example, if you did all 100 reps in 25 minutes this week, then your goal will be to finish 100 reps in less than 25 minutes for the next workout.

You’ll also need to minimize the amount of rest per set. As suggested, break down the number of burpees you do in sets of 2, 3, or 4 reps and rest no more than 30 seconds between each set.

After the burpee portion, take a rest break if seven minutes. Drink some water and do some stretching, then move onto the push up portion.

push up 4 sets of 15-20 repetitions

Finish the workout with some light cardio or stretching.

Day 2- Wednesday

On Wednesday, you’ll alternate burpees with pushups. Follow the same time and repetition protocol with pushups. Instead of doing 100 burpees in under 40 minutes, you’ll do 100 reps of push ups in under 40 minutes. Afterward, rest 7 minutes and do 4 sets of 15-20 repetitions of burpees. Next, you’ll combine a circuit element into the workout. During each rest period (generally after a set of 3 pushups), you’ll stand up and do 10-12 repetitions of jumping jacks quickly. COntinue this pattern until your finish all 100 push up repetitions.

Day 3- Friday

Repeat Day 1 with burpees but this time, you’ll do abdominal crunches in place of the rest periods. On Day 2, you’ll be doing jumping jacks, then follow back to resting without doing any exercises during the resting phase for day one. This alternating approach ensures you combine circuit exercising with density training using only body weight exercises.

This program is not complicated. It’s as simple program that has you training only three times a week. Train with consistency and remember to eat a healthy and balanced fat loss diet. Keep it up and good luck with the results. Now get training!

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