How To Lose A Dress Size Quickly & Simply

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

The change of seasons can mean added chores and responsibilities. It may mean preparing a pool or hot tub for the coming weather, or specific automobile and home repairs and maintenance.

But for almost everyone we go through our clothes sorting out the keepers from the things we will get rid of. This is often when reality hits us in the mirror and we are forced to come to terms with those added pounds and or inches.

We wonder what happened. But then it is usually pretty easy to reminisce about the wonderful lunches we had and those great snacks we found, not to mention that we have been too busy to exercise.

Well okay, enough of that. Now we know how we got out of shape, next we need to learn about getting back into that size smaller.

Although the thought of shopping does not sound bad the idea of shopping for a larger size does. So we will work on a quick fix to getting back into that smaller size that we already have. Then we can reward ourselves with a new outfit!

To begin I do not want you to start a crash or fad diet. I know you believe that is the quick fix, and I admit that you may lose a few pounds quickly but those diets are not healthy choices. There are better ways that are just as fast.

You will basically be working with your metabolism, which is the true key to weight loss. Having a plan is important and I suggest that you plan your meals ahead of time.

Additionally you need to know that I am going to recommend that you eat several times a day. I know that sounds backward but there is a method to my madness.

This will accomplish a couple of things. First of all, by eating more often you are not likely to feel hungry. Feeling hungry often results in one grabbing for a quick fix.

Unfortunately most quick fixes are high in fat and calorie content. Secondly, eating actually kick starts your metabolism.

So each time you eat you are giving your metabolism rate a boost. The key is that you need to eat the right foods in smaller portions and at the right intervals.

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Updated: May 16, 2013 — 4:13 pm

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